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"The answer is, yes I could request that the ad [for Coulter's book] be taken off this site. But since I don’t believe in stifling debate (witness the insulting, degrading, comments from most of you directed towards me below), I will not make that request. Such freedom of speech (and the freedom to abuse that right) used to be self evident in America. Nowadays, if you disagree with something written, many feel no compunction whatsoever about agitating for the offending literature to be banned."

Come on. By that logic, you ought to be seeking out ads for, say, the next Michael Moore film. There is a rather self-evident difference between attempting to stifle a speaker's rights and simply choosing not to support them financially. For example, I think Coulter is a soulless shill whose histrionics dilute any value that her arguments might have. I'm not going to buy any book she produces, but I'm perfectly fine with her being allowed to publish her vitriolic filth. Am I somehow oppressing her? Am I somehow required to encourage all of my friends and family to send her money before I can say that she's out of line? Seriously, how hard must I advocate for her before I can criticize her? How much must I profit off her bile before I can condemn it?

This is just a completely disingenuous argument. If you still support her, just be honest about it.

Comment Posted By nationElectric On 7.06.2006 @ 22:50

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