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The usual rightwing twist of turning a corupt administrations misdeeds into leftwing hypocracy. You may be right in some regards, but hypocracy charges can just as easily be made against the wingnuts. Personally, it never occured to me that our national security had been damaged to any great extent. Rather my impression was Cheney and his minions willing to sacrifice Plame and her network to protect their deception of false claims of nuclear weapons.

The whole Niger story goes back to the forged documents that the CIA had knocked down earlier in October 02 and they bound and determined to get it back into the SOTU to ensure spport for the war already decided on.

I'm betting Plame was telling the truth and nothing but the truth. I hope there are hearings, under oath, that gets to the bottom of all the rightwing talking points in public. Then we'll see who the liars are.

Best regards, NH

Comment Posted By neocon hunter On 17.03.2007 @ 16:51


"Perhaps Sadr will see the writing on the wall"

Perhaps you will see the writing on the wall some day.

Answer this question: How does the US military fighting to install the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq help
the GWT??? The rivalry between Sadr and al-Hakim indicates that Iraq's troubles are less about religion, which the
government wants us to believe, and more about power and oil wealth.

Some other facts that you have left out of you discussion are for instance that al-Hakim is promoting regional federations as
opposed to a unified central government. This is the opposite of the Bush strategy, yet al-Hakim seems to be Bush's boy. i.e.
Hakim seems to be willing to cut the deal with western oil companies, but wants the bulk of the wealth to go to the regional
powers. i.e. himself, providing the US takes care of Sadr first. This is evidenced by the recently leaked revised oil law, which
other Middle Eastern authors have described as promoting the break-up of Iraq.

The Sunnis are never going to accept this version of the oil law and the Shia will never cave to Sunni demands as long as the
US is willing to put down their insurgency. Talk all you want about how much more compassionate conservatives are towards
the Iraqi people, the truth is US is taking the 80% solution for the sake of an oil deal. You can kill all the Sunnis you want, but
you can't claim fair play because the Shia have no intention of playing fair. You could at least give Sunnis a fighting chance to
take on the Shia face to face when they are out numbered 5 to 1-- at least then they would have been beaten fair and square
and not killed by infidels.

Another fact you skipped over the is the "all out civil war" and ensuing blood bath that you along with others on the right are
focussing if the Dems have the "pullout they envision" is all ready happening. As a matter of fact the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is
worse than Darfur. As of last June the Lancet Report had Iraqi deaths due to the war at 655,000 and the second half of 06
was twice as bad as the first half according to official numbers. Darfur is only approaching 300,000 dead, which makes Iraq
twice as bad. You know this is true, but right-wingers don't want to talk about this little inconvenient truth either.

If I were the Dems, which I'm not, I would say all right you win. We think this policy is bad for America, bad for the military,
bad for the GWT, but you guys want paint us as cowards and unpatriotic and stupid. Fine. You can have your little surge and
all the money you want, but this baby is all yours.

We'll see you in 2008

Comment Posted By neocon hunter On 23.02.2007 @ 18:43


Michael Ledeen! Be careful of this guy. He is a notorious fabricator and back-ops agent. Vanity Fair reports him in the vicinity of the origins of the forged Niger documents that got us into the Iraq war. He is also linked to the Iran Contra scandal. Other reports have him spending a lot of time in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans where the intel was cooked to make the case for war in Iraq.

Ledeen is a rabid neocon who's allegiance to Israel may be stronger than to the US. In one of his NRO articles he advocates destabilizing the Middle East as well as the United States. Plain and simple he is a Muslim hater.

Now he claims to have access to highly classified documents from the Iranian detentions in Iraq. Aren't you the guy that rails on the msm when they publish classified information? He is definitely connected to the administration via his AEI affiliation, but that does not make him an honest broker.

With the neocons all roads lead to war....

Comment Posted By neocon hunter On 6.01.2007 @ 17:18

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