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"...your correct number... is #2..."
is that your final answer?

you make a convincing argument for the team...


Comment Posted By number9 On 27.12.2007 @ 02:53

"...reasons to support Fred...12...we must always ask... is the government better equipped than the private sector to perform the task..."


see, that is a real knockout punch for the strict constructionist crowd. if the constitution is the authority for the laws of our nation, that position is firmly unconstitutional.

the posion cited by simply leads to each doing what seems best. the position cited in (12) of your link totally ignores the requirement to seek first the right to address the issue at all. the rights of states is/should not be subject to the individual leader's opinion. Much like the fed's take-over of education, drug control, or abortion, these are powers it does not derive from constitutional authority.

additionally, what i don't understand, from non-politicians, is why there is such an aversion to the requirement that war be declared by congress? even in the face of pearl harbor, fdr understood that constitutional duty.

Comment Posted By number9 On 26.12.2007 @ 20:03

well doggy, i resemble that remark...

Comment Posted By number9 On 26.12.2007 @ 19:38

hmmm... guess it's kinda tough rounding up hard-earned loot without a core platform/message to die for. hows 'bout y'all just hijack more constitutional buzz-words and small fed gov't ideas into your image? have a cigar, you're gonna go far - they're gonna love y'all...

Comment Posted By number9 On 26.12.2007 @ 17:27

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