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I am just laughing out loud watching the same retarded asshats who ran this country into a ditch, and ruined whatever glory and honor this country ever had, now are crying.

You rightwing nutcases who have America torturing people and discriminating against Gay people, and disbelieving the facts of Evolution, you are the cause of this downfall. This will land on your heads and this will be looked at as the Dark Ages of America.

That you are about to get your comeuppance is satisfying. Soon this country will have socialized medicine, the only truly Christian thing to do. And you will all be using it.

This is yours. No one else owns it and there is nothing you can do to change that.

This is Compassionate Conservatism, an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Yes, you are laughing out loud as economic catastrophe looms ahead. That's because you are a soulless cretin who cares nothing for anything except your childish gloating and the prospect of a victory for your candidate.

I considered deleting your comment but why should I? I am doing a piece about you and several other lefty commenters - how you were gleeful when New Orelans was underwater. How you were happy about American casualties in Iraq. And now how you are beside yourselves with joy that the economy is in the toilet. It is your kind of mindset that Hitler relied on when he came to power. You would have made a fantastic storm trooper.


Comment Posted By oy On 8.10.2008 @ 09:08



Yes. Suffer. You torture fetishists. You fascists.

You did this to this country. You fucked it up the ass until no on could stand it anymore.



Oh yes. I should be Christian about this, just like you are all Christians.

I forgive you.

My how grown up of you. I assume by your comment that you are about 11 years old. I'm sorry, but this is an adult website. You will need a note from your mother if you wish to comment again.


Comment Posted By oy On 8.10.2008 @ 08:54


No one gave babalu an ass whupin

he is right

McCain has mistaken every single mideast issue from leaders names to political parties to historical events and he gets a free pass

he gets it from the press and you don't seem to remember any of those sins either

and who can blame him for not remembering when one republican was swiftboating and another was smearing? It's not republicans don't wage personal attacks de riguer

You are here in a small self congratulatory circle while your party is losing support. Three special elections in hard republican districts voted in democrats

wake up guys

the problem isn't in them

the problem is in you

The right wing talking heads and think tanks experts spread out on Fox News and AM radio and convince people that John kerry shot himself in the foot and that John McCain fathered a black child.

Think about that. Spreading lies about John Kerry who is a decorated navy combat veteran. Being gossiped and lied about by political operatives. Veterans being insulted by bloggers.

Here is a perfect example of how the Republican Brand gets tainted. It's because of Republican Cronies appointed by Bush who have no business running ANYTHING.

"This move by Obama comes after and CREW produced an email on Thursday from a VA official--Norma Perez--in which she advised a number of VA employees, including psychologists, social workers, and a psychiatrist that, due to an increased number of "compensation seeking veterans," the staff should "refrain from giving a diagnosis of PTSD straight out" and they should "R/O [rule out] PTSD" and consider a diagnosis of "Adjustment Disorder" instead."

Remember this administrator is a Republican who claims to support the troops. Perhaps with a magnetic ribbon she does. But like congressional republicans cutting benefits to soldiers and keeping them over there just to kick the Iraq fiasco can down to the Democrats....these are all reasons why you are losing.

I might be wrong

I don't think I am.

Comment Posted By oy On 16.05.2008 @ 23:44

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