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M.Simon, I totally agree, close all foreign bases except for one in the Pacific and one in the Med. Bring all the troops home. Think of the dollars that would be brought back to the US. Set up temporary base camps from Brownsville TX to the pacific and patrol the border. This in effect would close it to illegals and the drug trafic. Put a mandatory 5yr federal prision term for any employer caught working illegals. There are no excuses, we have e-verify. Then the 13 to 30 million illegals would go home , those that didnt would be deported. Cut off all social programs an end the baby born here of illegals becomes a citizen program Then a work program could be set up for workers on an as need basis, being the borders are closed. Lets put America back to work. Put a mortorium on H1-B visas so as to end the cheap labor taking our college graduates jobs. An corporations that have moved off shore tax their imports to the US, equal to the profits made by going abroad for cheap labor. Lets start the concrete, steel and trucks rolling by starting construction on 50 nuke power plants, rebuild our infra-structure(roads and bridges)and start a high speed rail that equals none all over the country.Revisit all free trade treaties and rework them to be fair trade. Re-regulate every thing that was de-regulated and sotp the corporate rape and pilliage of the middle class. Corporate ownership of our representatives has to end.We can only take back our country if lobbyist are irrevelant. This can only be done with political donations being held down to 5- 10 dollars per individual and corporations and labor unions can give nothing. Have 6yr limits on the house and senate. This does away with professional politicans and the senority system. No more fat pensions, they return to their linr of work after serving the peoples work for 6 yrs. Lets take back America and we dam sure can't do it by listing to talk radio. Look at the race in upstate NY. The religious right that has hijacked the Republican party went down in flames in a hundred year GOP stronghold. As the party moves futher right you loose more independemts. Someone has to take the control away from the far right nuts.

Comment Posted By packeryman On 4.11.2009 @ 09:51

The far right wing of the GOP has lost. The political ideology put forth by the party defacto leader(Limbaugh), Hannity, Beck, Thompson, and Palin of flushing/purging the party of moderates / rinos illustrates the lack of depth and clarity of thought these individuals have. This is a terrific win for the Dem's and has to be very demoralizing for good Republicans that don/t consider themselves a part of the religious right that has hijacked the party. McCain stated it right in his run against Bush(his opinion of the far right)but then in the last election he ended up sucking their a--. Until religion and the far rights value system that they want to impose on others is purged the GOP is going the way of the Whigs.

Comment Posted By packeryman On 4.11.2009 @ 00:31

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