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Do you think that's how the majority of people use the term?

Comment Posted By peter_wayne On 15.09.2009 @ 11:41

That's great! apparently hyperlon's definition of "out of the wilderness" is becoming a liberal democrat...

A side note about verbage:

you use the term "elitist" in this article, what exactly does that term mean?

Its one of Sarah Palin's all time favorite words in the English language.

I remember Hillary and Mccain smearing leading economists as being "elitist" when they did they called them out on a "gas tax holiday" being a joke.

I often get called an elitist by my fellow conservatives when I lay out the scientific explanations of things like evolution, climate change, the age of the earth, etc...

In case you can't already see where I'm going with this, I see both left and right often using the term interchangeably with "Intellectual" or perhaps even "well educated". Though I don't think you are doing that in this case.

The growing streak of anti-science and anti-intellectual sentiment worries me greatly and the term "elitist" only seems to further the problem.

Perhaps you have a well thought out reasoning behind using the term, if so could you share it with us? If not, I would like to politely encourage you to try to remove the term from the political discourse.

By no means do I equate the word "elitist" with intellectuals or academics. Two kinds of elites; the blue bloods like Bush, born into the upper caste - specifically, a political family - where they are either taught from birth or simply absorb the message that they just like other people - only better.

The other kind of elitist are those who believe they have achieved a status, that requires them to teach the less sophisticated, or smart, how they should think. This elitism manifests itself most often inside the beltway.


Comment Posted By peter_wayne On 15.09.2009 @ 11:26

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