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You're the one talking about a mystical "door to the future," hanging on the "hinge of history" and leading to an unknowable but presumably harmonious destiny in Washington. Talk about loony. You make it sound almost desirable.

What I desire is a future of hard-line partisanship, where both parties fight for the extremes of their platforms. Where any agreements reached will be decidedly less moonbatty when our side carries the day, yet all the more horrifying and motivating when theirs does. Settling for permanent centrist mediocrity is a cop-out; it dooms our heirs to a bleak, languid future.

Call me loony, but a one-party system doesn't appeal to me. That's exactly where all this brotherly love, this idealized political landscape you wistfully pine for, will lead us. And you know it. If my "magical door" comment was loony, then I've succeeded in painting yours as such.

Thanks for the stimulating article.

Comment Posted By phoobaar On 7.01.2008 @ 16:13

Spoken like a true neoconservative after Irving Kristol's own heart. The "right" embracing the "left" in brotherly cooperation, with neither of them fully embracing the platforms they espouse. Empty wordplay to be the order of the day, always, on both sides. Like a broad-point arrowhead, working toward the tip, they grow ever closer together, until one day the twain shall meet, and we'll have our one-party system. No more bandying ideas back and forth to keep things lively. No more healthy debate to keep things honest. No more choice for the average American. Just a drab, gray, Soviet-esque future where everything is centrally planned. From the economy, to foreign policy, to social liberties, to morality, to medicine, to the environment, the lone party will bark its orders without opposition.

That's what I see behind your magical door.

Comment Posted By phoobaar On 7.01.2008 @ 05:45

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