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First, these sort of laws do not eliminate the electoral college. The constitution allows that states dictate how their electroal votes are awarded. What a drama queen! If enough states adopt these laws, then the electoral college becomes irrelavant without tinkering with the Constitution in the least.

Second, voters are seriously disenfranchised by awarding electoral votes to state winners. At this point, a Democratic vote in South Carolina or a Republican vote is New York are symbolic gestures without impact. I think the biggest advatage of this system is that it would increase voter participation in both Red and Blue states.

Finally, should enough states enact these laws, I think citizens would benefit greatly from national campaigns rather than state-by-state strategies. Currently, our presidents are selected by the voters of Florida, Ohio and Pennsyvania. I suspect that Republicans are comfortable with this formula, but it strikes me as wrong.

Comment Posted By propensity On 29.08.2006 @ 15:14

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