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Why do so many Bush supporters vehemently oppose the true facts about 9/11, ie. Marvin Bush being the head of WTC security until 9/11/01, when John P. O'Neil (a Bush adversary) takes over and dies in the WTC on his first day on the job. Marvin Bush also sitting on the board of one of the insurance companies that stood to reap rewards from the destruction of the WTC building - building were insured 6 weeks before 9/11 with a special clause that stated that the owner, Larry Silverstein would not have to pay any more of the 99-year lease in the even of a terrorist attack. The WTC falling at near freefall speed; this defies physics, unless there are explosives to destroy the support beams and floors of the towers. The list goes on an on. How can you continue to support George W. Bush?

Comment Posted By proudliberal On 27.09.2006 @ 23:52

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