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"Like most people, I have no experience as an interrogator. Therefore I have no idea whether inhumane techniques are effective."

This issue has been discussed at with several
experienced military people. No-one believes that torture is a useful way
of gaining good intelligence: rather torture results from frustration and a
desire for retribution. Torturing an unarmed helpless captive is cowardly,
barbaric, and serves no purpose.

Comment Posted By richardcownie On 5.08.2005 @ 14:55

I applaud your integrity in facing the facts on this. We need a full and
independent investigation with the authority to go anywhere in the chain
of command. Since the activities of the military are subject to oversight
and regulation by Congress, whoever is responsible for the commands
and directives which led to this illegal torture, whether in uniform or in
the civilian leadership, must be found and held responsible. We may be
heading for a constitutional crisis if the administration continues to resist
congressional oversight (it seems that MG Miller in particular has lied in
testimony to Congress).

Comment Posted By richardcownie On 5.08.2005 @ 14:46

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