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Rick - You don't seem like a bad guy, even if you are a "right wing nut". But if you're afraid of people like David Bernstein, Bill Ardolino, Jeff Goldstein,, or Jeralyn Merritt, well, maybe all right wingers are whiny dorks.

David Bernstein...oohhhh!

We won't go Howard Stern on you but have no doubt, we could give your old friends a run for their money.

Howard Stern? Jeralyn Merrit..oohhh, they're scary. (laughter)

Comment Posted By rmg On 8.08.2005 @ 13:46


You're so noble. (actually, the views expressed in that post were quite noble). You see Rick, you can be noble too for a change. It's not so bad is it?

PS - As to your comment on our site (Truth and Lies: Blog for A Better America), thanks for your concern about our neck. And we're sorry for offending you if we are, in fact, noble. Honestly, we don't claim to be noble. It's not our fault that our views are a function of what is good for the country and not just what is good for us personally. Or that we value the truth over lies.

Funny that you make light of being noble or truthful though. That's exactly the problem with you right wingers. Isn't that what you and your other right wing bedfellows claim makes you superior? (while you're actually just voting your pocketbooks or spreading nonsense for profit).

We'll take your post as an admission that you were so put off by the ideas that one should tell the truth and focus on the national interest (instead of oneself or own's close group) that you had to deride them.

If we're noble, then I guess we're noble. You're the one that seems to have a problem with it. I guess it proves we were right about you to begin with. Why does it seem so hard for you to believe people might genuinely be that way?

(come on Rick, that Jennings post was're having neck problems too, right).

Comment Posted By rmg On 8.08.2005 @ 07:39


Actually, the Conservative Blog Taxonomy was a great piece on the whiny, geeky, vacuous right wing. We posted our own piece on the characteristics that seem to distinguish this fairly sickening crowd. For a look in the mirror, see our post "The Whiny Right Wing" at Truth and Lies: Blog for A Better America

Wahhh!!! (sound of shrill conservative crying like a baby).

You're really not helping the country much.

Comment Posted By rmg On 8.08.2005 @ 06:57

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