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They say the simplest answer is most likely corrct. I for one believe that one of Sadam's sons was ultimately in charge of hiding their WMD. It was a very simple thing to dig a large trench with earth moving equipment. Drive the few WMD factory and storage trucks down into the trench, cover them up again. Kill the truck drivers and ultimately only Saddam's son would know where they were hidden and we know what happened to him. Burying the stuff could have been done in a day. There is a history of Iraq burying everything else of military value including planes, artillery and weapons.

I don't know why Bush hasn't just insisted from the beginning tht Sadam buried them and we killed the only people who knew where they were. IT was a perfect cover story that no-one could prove untrue and the only plausible answer that really answers the question of why so many countries and intelligence agencies were sure Saddam had them and where did they go and why no one can find them now.

I think Syria as a place to hide WMD would have been far more complicated. Syria would be able to blckmail Saddam by threatening to expose the proof that the US war was justified. All the reports that WMD went to Syria are just disinformation meant to sidetrack investigations up dead ends.

The simplest answer is most likely the correct one.

Comment Posted By sail4evr On 11.04.2006 @ 06:34

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