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No amount of money will help the NASA of today. The previous generation had all kinds of success in space travel and research but they were educated in schools that were not ran by the left wing liberals. The so called engineer's and scientist working there today (and responsible for a host of failures and deaths) are all from the failed education system of the PC crowd. Can't make the grade, pass them along anyway, you can't hurt their feelings. All they have accomplished is to make failures of most of the graduates and put the real meaning in a degree. BS truly stand for BS, MS stands for More sh** and PHD is simply Piled Higher and Deeper. They have a piece of paper that states they attended some major college but they missed the education part.

Comment Posted By scraprion On 2.03.2006 @ 23:54


The stupid Muslim's are working on their 9-11 and it won't be long at the pace their stupidity is showing. There is a "man" in the White House that won't hesitate to use nuc's on them and I personally hope it's soon. I'll pay my way to a missile control center in the Dakota's and push one of the buttons myself and since it takes two people to launch i'm sure I can get a volunteer to push the other. Paint screw 'Mohamed the idiot' on the nose of each before launch. I've never had much respect for anyone that practices Islam (the bastard religion) and now as you can tell I have no respect for the religion (joke) nor the people that practice death and destruction in the name of any God. Kill them all and let Mohamed sort them out, I doubt he'll allow even one of them in his kingdom.

Comment Posted By scraprion On 14.02.2006 @ 20:33

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