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Well, if Republicans like Bob Schaffer aren't racist, they sure don't know how to pass their enlightened values on to their kids.

Comment Posted By Seamus On 5.08.2008 @ 13:30

Twok must have learned his history from Jonah Goldberg. Only a conservative could be so proudly and wilfully ignorant of U.S. political history. Did you ever stop and think why Strom Thurmand became a Republican? Do you think Lyndon Johnson's embrace of Civil Rights legislation had anything to do with it? Why not regale us with your version of the 1968 Democratic convention, wherein Humphrey threw his lot in with Strom, promising a "law and order" (code for anti-Negro) campaign in exchange for his support? Oh wait, that was Nixon at the Republican convention. Ever ask yourself why Strom and Jesse found themselves perfectly at home in the Republican party right into the new millenium?

Comment Posted By Seamus On 4.08.2008 @ 16:47

People do realize that McCain ran an ad with Obama's head on a $100 bill in June, right? But I guess that was just to emphasize how good Obama would look on currency.

Comment Posted By Seamus On 4.08.2008 @ 12:45


I just wanted to say, it's refreshing to see someone on the right who's not a flamingly ignorant hypocrite. Too bad the same can't be said of most of your readers. As far as this particular cartoon, it reminds me of Imus. It isn't funny, it never had been, so who really cares in the end?

Comment Posted By seamus On 27.04.2007 @ 09:55

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