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>>>“you cannot ignore the rise of people like Beck whose fantasies about Obama and the Democrats trying to turn this country into a socialist nation (or Communist) rather than implement a far left liberal agenda”

I'm curious.... Does making this distinction mean that you believe that there IS some difference between Bambi's trying to turn this country in a socialist hell hole...and implementing a far left agenda.

They are identical.

Comment Posted By seanrobins On 8.04.2009 @ 13:26

>>>He made the statement that he couldn’t “debunk” the story and added, “”If you have any fear that we might be heading toward a totalitarian state, look out. There is something happening in our country and it ain’t good.”

This is NOT what Glenn Beck said. He said that he had not yet, but that he would. And he did. He has since said that he's looked into the kookoo claim, and that it is BS.

I know that Glenn "looks into" a whole heck of a lot of things which can form the fodder for many conspiracy theorists' therapy sessions.... But he does not just onto anyone's bandwagon just because its there. He does do a lot of reasearch before buying into something.

The reason he gets hit with nonesense like this (that he bought into this idiotic "camp" thing) is because he takes risks in approaching subjects that not only the MSM avoid (heck, that's easy) but which many of the top people on the Right are afraid to tackle because their scared of the whipping that they'll take fromt he Leftist media.

Comment Posted By seanrobins On 8.04.2009 @ 13:21

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