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I notice a pattern in these comments. "DEagle" seems to delight in accusing this or that commentor or target group of "personal attacks", and then, about three or four comments later, he's indulging in the most egregious (and unsubstantiated) ad hominems himself.

DEagle, how old are you? How much education do you have? Have you travelled much? Are you employed? I'm serious, I'd really like to know. Because you're really way out of your depth -- and this in a forum which ought to favor you!

Comment Posted By sglover On 9.06.2006 @ 14:11

Quite aside from Coulter's latest indiscretion, were I a right-winger (which I'm not, emphatically), I'd be really worried that anyone considered her a representative of my side. I skim-read one of her screeds in a bookstore, and what really leaped out at me was its slapdash, gotta-make-bank shoddiness. It reminded me of the kind of freshman term papers that I'd crank out the night before they were due, after I'd spent the day indulging in some high-quality psychopharmaceuticals. Who publishes her crap, and why can't they hire an editor?

Comment Posted By sglover On 8.06.2006 @ 12:47

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