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seems as im only 17 i still know the difference between right and wrong, and in all honestly i believe my opinion and everyone else's is valid. i might not have been the biggest fan but i have a fair few songs on my ipod and beyond all the child's play, there is no denying he wasn't a good performer.

Comment Posted By shelbe On 26.06.2009 @ 15:55

No one can be completely sure that michael jackson was a pedo, in my personal opinion i believe he did have sex with little boys and just because he performed great music that shouldnt excuse what he has done.
Yet i will not miss him or did i ever hardly listen to his music.
Plus everyone has their own opinion so stop slating people's views.

And if I believe someone's opinion is ignorant, uninformed, and without any merit, I will say so. Opinions are not equally valid - especially when someone who doesn't know what they're talking about offers one.


Comment Posted By shelbe On 26.06.2009 @ 15:47

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