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"But there is absolutely not one scintilla of evidence that they come from another planet."

But the point of my little fictional interview is precisely that there is not one scintilla of evidence, or physical law, that says they CANNOT, either! You quote Fermi to me, as if somehow stating his paradox explains something, when it is the foundational basis of the paradox, the assumption that we have never encountered aliens, that I very simply pointed out may be flawed.

Forgive me, I am an amateur astronomer and a pilot, and the assertion that 97% percent of UFO sightings are easily explained does not comport with the facts as I know them. Throuugh my expertise, I have been able to deduce the probable cause of many UFO sightings I have read, but to say that 97% are explained is simply wrong, unless you count saying "It was a meteor" everytime a huge silent black triangle is reported flying slowly over someone's house as "explaining" something.

And at that point is exactly where most scientists DO question the witnesses credibility. It is a simple strategy: like you they say they can explain almost all, and when they find ones that they can't, they discredit or simply assume utterly idiotic levels of credulity on the part of the witnesses, and voila - no mystery!

I do not claim to know what UFO's are, but my point is that many others seem to claim that they CANNOT be a certain kind of phenomenon, one for which there is absolutely no scientific prohibition, and they rely on excluding evidence they cannot explain to do so. That is not science.

Comment Posted By sherlock On 13.07.2008 @ 20:15

I give you something I wrote several years ago as food for thought...

Interview with a Famous Scientist:

Q: Do you think there is life on other worlds?
A: Oh, yes, almost certainly.

Q: Do you think intelligent life exists on other worlds?
A: Statistically, I think it is quite likely.

Q: Do you think interstellar travel is possible?
A: I think it will be in the future, perhaps the distant future, say in several thousand years.

Q: So, if life on Earth is about 4 billion years old, and the universe is about 14 billion years old, there could vast numbers of civilizations ahead of us by the few thousand years required to be able to travel between stars?
A: Yes, that could be the situation.

Q: So what do you think when you hear about people seeing what they think are alien spaceships, you know, UFOs?
A: They are all either crazy or hoaxers!!

No reputable scientist I know of today claims that people who see UFO's are all crazy or hoaxers. That's ridiculous. There is no doubt people are seeing something. But there is absolutely not one scintilla of evidence that they come from another planet. Eye witness testimony is not scientific evidence and scientists are not going to proclaim that it is a dead scientific certainty that we are being visited by aliens based on it.

With 97% of all UFO sightings explained to date as terrestial (or explainable cosmological phenomena) in origin, I believe it more than likely that the only reason we haven't explained that last 3% is due to our own ignorance of earthbound phenomenons like ball lightening or other atmospheric tricks that have yet to be catalogued. This is the reasonable and logical position of most scientists and does not diminish what people claim they have seen in any way.

To quote Enrico Fermi about ET's, "So where are they?"


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Why does the New Your Times need an ombudsman who thinks his job includes lying for his employer? That isn't exactly a hard-to-find skill there after all, is it?

It must be quite a shock to go through journalism school, land a job at the NYT, and then find your self surrounded by such filth.

Comment Posted By sherlock On 7.07.2008 @ 13:53


These fanatics will never be reasoned out of their hate, because it is simply hatred of the infidel, which has been a focal point of their life since childhood.

The only way we can control their murderous delusions is through things they understand like fear and force. Americans (okay, Republicans) need to make it very clear what will happen should a nuclear device be detonated in the US. These fanatics must come on their own to the conclusion that Teheran and Damascus will very quickly become ghost-towns, with their heads left behind on pikes in the central square as a desparate offering against the vengeance that will come.

And by the way, any Mayor of New York who lets this little murderer anywhere near Gound Zero isn't going to be the Mayor very long!

Comment Posted By sherlock On 21.09.2007 @ 08:08

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