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And carole, hold on dear. We haven't bugged out quite yet.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 11.05.2007 @ 15:56

No recriminations for Rick. Frankly his analysis is valid. However the great acheivements of history are never won easily and as a pretty good guy once said, we have assumed responsibilities that it would be disastrous to abandon and dishonorable to forget. It is up to the Iraqis now, as it always, truly, has been. They may yet come acropper but they haven't to date. History is with those above who decry the weak-kneed. Carole, it seems is in foreign lands and echoes what the Iraqi Shia complain, rightly, from Desert Storm and other events that truly were debacles and fiascoes, terms that, as several folks point out, are not warranted by historical criteria applied to our current situation. I suppose I am a "bitter ender" though I didn't think I would ever be more bitter than the warden at the Rightwing Nuthouse. But we are yet far from the end. Yes, political support is eroding but that says exactly nothing to the merits or lack of same of the Iraqi project. It may yet fail but neither the Iraqis or others in the ME will be able to say that we did not, in this instance, put our rhetoric into action. We had and have here a one-time deal whereat our interests and our ideology are parallel. Now, I would say that our ideology of liberty and consentual govt is ALWAYS in line with our interests, properly conceived, but again this is the formulation of a PRETTY ok cat and since he is the only figure in politics that seems to believe our founding principles are worth fighting for, I won't argue the point.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 11.05.2007 @ 15:51


I'm with Doggie there. Certainly there are plenty of anti-Zionists but serious, Mengele-esque anti-Semites? Nein. The high profile Jews with BDS and Hezbollic complications, well, that malady is terminal but not serious. It will not outlast politically our current Chief Magistrate. Chris, if opposing these reactionary murderers does actually band them together, good. A massed target is most desirable in asymmetric warfare for the guy with the big stick. But even short of that, it seems the divisions/differences among these groups is like the Kiwanis vs the Rotarians. Only with bombelts. And clueless? Well, we shall see. Not dickless, in any event.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 3.08.2006 @ 16:49


Does GG claim a centrist mantle? Man, is that ever a rich, but unsurprising one. Of course if one is ignorant of history, economics and law one may look down and surmise that the middle is exactly between one's heels. Purest genius.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 20.07.2006 @ 16:57


I fault Israel for not doing exaclty this decades ago but hey, better late than never. The real moral of the story, the one that will NEVER be told by the terrorist-coddlers of the MSM is that, when dealing with islamic extremists, no good deed goes unpunished. All the concessions and statecraft these 50 odd years has come down to war. The Palis have declared ad nauseum that they long for war; they long for the chance to kill every Jew down to the last child. Now, let them pay and pay and pay.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 13.07.2006 @ 10:42


It is you, sir, who declare that your definition of "straight" coincides with objective. Fox is an advocacy outfit? Yup. Moreso than our heavyweights above mentioned? Um, no, jsut with a better (though of course much shorter) track record. But do you actually declare that the net effect industry wide is to the right? Oh, it is to laugh, but not to rebut since this conceit is a major leak in the Democrats' bark. You DON'T think/believe/admit, per Evan Thomas that the skew of the media persistently benefits Dems? M'kay! Cuz with that you undermine the most potent element in the modern Dem/Left coalition. I scream with delight when I here of the libbies de-subscribing to the WaPo or NYT because these handmaiden's of Rove/Scaife/Murdoch have become stridently Rightist. It is a great joy in an atmosphere dripping with joys. Do pile on.
I'm dying to know though, what is the paragon of straight news coverage these days? AP? Reuters? TruthOut? Howzabout this: let CNN be CNN and let Fox be Fox and we'll see you at the Nielsons, at the stock ticker and at the polls.
As for the Clintons I'm pretty sure they call themselves "liberals" so, I guess, they reside on the Far Right. Genius! I never mentioned the name, by the way. I'm not sure what your point is. Is there one?

Comment Posted By squidgie On 16.06.2006 @ 15:00

Ah, yes. The Eeeevil Corporation; driven by profit and immune to influence other than that from Karl Rove. To admit that NYT, ABC and CNN are biased portward (and you leave out the most conspicuous bad actor, Dan Rather's CBS of blessed memory, and little else) is to admit that the bow is skewed. Simply admitting the NYT, knowing how much of what then is defined as "news" on their pages is then repeated down the food chain, is to admit Left bias in corporate entities. I don't see how anything is left of your objection after that stipulation unless you want to talk some examples. There is of course an effect on media coverage from the top. We saw with the Chandler family objections to the decay of the LAT that, yes, there is a veto power from the board but it comes only when the stock price is shriveled to a fare-thee-well. A similar event is under way with the Sulzbergers. I love the persistence with which Lefties declare that they want their news "straight", like they all define themselves as Centrist. Just saying it doesn't make it true but if it ain't true (and it ain't) then it alters your navigation but you are unable to correct. Here be serpents. And we call them Democrats.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 16.06.2006 @ 10:41


No, it's not proper to assign "blame" for a natural disaster but there is also a disaster of social breakdown in NO and I can't help thinking that all this perpetual blather about "oppression" that does not exist has given license to lawlessness under the circumstances. When you have political and cultural leaders agitating for "Steal this Book!" style anarchy, it shouldn't be a big surprise that you get anarchy when circumstances permit. Jesse Jackson, RFK Jr, David Corn, I'm lookin' at you.

Comment Posted By squidgie On 2.09.2005 @ 08:44


Isn't Terry Moran the guy who wrote that memo for ABC The Note that said, bascially, we should be fair to everyone but a little MORE fair to John Kerry and a little LESS fair to Bush? Wasn't that Terry Moran?

Comment Posted By squidgie On 19.05.2005 @ 16:27

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