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Oh, yes. Time for the blockade of all of Somalia. Mountian, meet molehill. Any other alternative will be surrender monkeying. The best strategy is to always let a handful of other people define your foreign policy. Rule-by-daiper.

The Fluffersphere is clearly beside itself with the good Capt not getting killed and proving Obama a [commie|socialist|nazi|Chamberlin|pansy|whatever].

All this while Somalia is a libertarian and true "conservatives" wet dream. No government, no taxes, and now y'all want to bomb it. Why do you hate freedom?

I have a much better solution. Get the National Review to have another one of their cruises, and y'all can take all yer guns and do personal battle.

Strange. Could have sworn there was a comment somewhere in there but for the life of me, I can't find it.


Comment Posted By srv On 13.04.2009 @ 14:36


You also told us 7 different times that the Iraqi civil war was underway – going as far back as the May of 2003.

You know, Rick, you people keep shooting yourself in the foot besides yourselves. You might bother to actually read what your linking too. Your representation is at least ignorant, or grossly misleading. For example, the Slate link is an entire article on constructing Civil Societies, and you've taken editors use of "War" out of context.

You didn't even bother to read the subtitle in bold:

"Building civil society in Iraq is even more important than building democracy. Here are six new ways to do it."

You people keep rationalizing all of this was a complete surprise to you, and would have worked if it just weren't for 2006, and we'll keep b* slapping you back to reality.

Comment Posted By srv On 2.05.2007 @ 17:59

I guess I have a question. If I am a Sunni insurgent and I am seeking the chaos for cover so I can continue my fight against the hated occupier, do I not have any sense of the repurcussions of the “occupier” leaving? In other words, am I convinced that a fight/war JUST between me and my Sunni brethren and the Shias is indeed winnable by my side?

You aren't going to keep the Shia down by accepting elections, minority status and their American sponsor. The idea that somehow 6 Million Sunni are going to be Talibanized lesser siblings to a handful of Arab foreignors... apocolyptic and unsubstaniated claims otherwise, AQ will last about 1 week whenever they really start lording over the Ba'athists. Whatever tiffs they've had, this AQ-Sunni strife is probably 95% propaganda (doh - it would serve Centcom and the Ba'athists).

But as long as we're there, AQ (or the phantom thereof) serves THEIR purpose.

Re Ricks 70-30 theory. It's been 3 years since the British and French press stopped bothering to ask for breakdowns between native and foreign prisoners captured/held. They knew they'd never get an honest answer.

That's not because the truth wouldn't fit my narrative, it's because people like Rick are just selectively curious.

Comment Posted By srv On 2.05.2007 @ 16:30


What Andy said.

The dead enders will expend no end of blood and treasure to achieve that which they can't explain how to achieve.

Rick will be frustrated for as long as it takes him to realize this isn't a problem, but a trait.

Comment Posted By srv On 30.04.2007 @ 18:40


"You don't have a logically consistent..."

Look, baby steps. Baby steps. Rick is still in the throes of Kool-Aide withdrawal. At least give him a little time to let his head clear. He's in for a very rough ride. The next month will be filled with screams of "traitor!" in the Fluffersphere. As his meme-structures collapse, he will need all the support he can get.

Comment Posted By srv On 30.04.2007 @ 01:07

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