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Mr Moran--"the torture tapes"? my, my aren't we jumping to conclusions! Can you possibly be more santimonious and self righteous? I expect this moral preening from the disingenuous among us but you truly disappoint me. Did you recently get a job at the NYTimes? And please, sleep deprivation and snoop dogg at 500 decibels are not torture. As for water boarding, like most common sense Americans i see no need to apologize for its judicious use while interrogating the worst of the worst.
Torture is choosing between being burned alive or jumping from the 100th floor. Torture is being on your knees having your head sawed off by filth. Torture is being herded into a mass grave. Torture is listening to this sanctimonious bleating while the filth you shed tears for are laughing. Useful idiots....they're everywhere.

Comment Posted By stu On 7.12.2007 @ 08:29


to coin a phrase 'right on!'RWN hit the nail on the head with this hilarious commentary. scary though that the netroot moonbats don't seem to have either the intellectual ability or maturity to recognize what they've become

Comment Posted By stu On 8.09.2007 @ 09:23

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