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To "wickedpinto"
(comment number 1)

What is your opinion of the world (the small speck outside the US of A ?!?) Do you think that it revolves around your country???

Your comment in the second paragraph is one of the most ridiculous and poorly thought-out opinions that I have ever read about sport. Not only that, your opinion reflects badly on America's overall attitude towards the rest of the world.

Where did you get your idea from. Is it the way that the whole world used to play baseball, and then decided to turn their back on the game when the almighty America became supreme?? I don't think so (America is one of only about 5 countries which have ever played the game seriously). And it is a similar story with other examples such as basketball and (American) football.

If America was ever to become any good at the game (known as "Football" to billions), the the rest of the world (the whole world - not just the "non-U.S. west", e.g. Ghana etc.)would welcome the competition, and be happy that your ignorance has finally come to an end.

wed 28 June 2006
6.05 pm, local time

Comment Posted By subhastar On 28.06.2006 @ 12:08

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