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You cross-posted this at Of all the ironies...

Comment Posted By Sunrunner On 7.03.2007 @ 17:04


Rick, your family sounds a lot like mine! Must make for some lively (and extremely interesting) Thanksgiving dinners. I would love to be a fly on the wall at one :-).

That said, I think you would make an excellent conservative pundit, and I would welcome hearing more voices like yours (and your brother's) in the public discourse.

And you and your brother are both excellent writers. Well done, both of you!

Comment Posted By sunrunner On 8.06.2006 @ 13:17

Good for you! As a Liberal, I don't hold back from criticizing out of bounds statements on the left (Al Sharpton comes to mind) and it will take sane people both on the right and the left to bring civility back into our political discourse.

I don't think Coulter's rhetoric is a matter of "right" or "left" as many conservative Christians and Jews are likely to be terribly offended by the way she characterizes Christianity, e.g., in the excerpt of the books 1st chapter she goes on and on about "what" Christianity "is" yet never once mentions Jesus or any scriptural justification for some of her ideas. Also, her "view" that Jews are some kind of honorary Christian is quite problematic.

Be that as it may - everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I will defend that till my last breathe, but downrigh cruelty is deserves to be criticized. It is simply beyond the pale to claim widows, however much you may dislike their politics, are "enjoying" the loss of their husbands and then (!!!) to insinuate that perhaps their husbands would have divorced them if they had lived is just beyond the bounds of human decency. It would be better if she simply addressed the substance of what they believe. Also, in American culture, many many people have been moved to become politically active in the wake of personal tragedy or suffering.

My cousin is a Republican 9/11 widow. She has a lot of sympathy for the work of the Jersey Girls ... though she does not agree with all their positions. She is outraged. Decent people do not mock the deaths of innocents. Period.

BTW - Tucker Carlson really called her on her crap ... she just kept at it and by the end of the show he was just shaking his head. As I am sure much of the viewing audience was.

Comment Posted By sunrunner On 7.06.2006 @ 17:20

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