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I love this...
I have said for years that the data set that was being used by environmentalists to "prove" man-made global warming was statistically insignificant.
I said that scientists were letting their politics and bias cloud their judgement and come up with conclusions that were not accurate.
I knew that they were trying to silence the actual scientists who can be objective from talking about the problems with the global warming data.
I never thought that they were simply making things up...
I guess you can never go to far down, down, down when it comes to the mind-set of a liberal.

So algore won a Nobel Peace Prize for making a movie that was full of lies even before this new batch of lies was reveled.

I just sit and think about all the liberals all over the Internet and specifically on this blog that made global warming their religion.
They bashed me and other conservatives as not being able to keep up with the times, for not believing in science.

The problem was that I did understand how research and data collection work and you guys did not.
I would really love to see all the blind-sheep liberals come on here and admit that man-made global warming is completely made up.
We need to stop destroying the economy of the world and especially the US economy for this made up religion.
It has been proven now...even more so than it was before.

First a few links:
Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?
Junk science exposed among climate-change believers

and here you still have king moron with his head in the sand, embarrassing himself and those who follow his religion..embarrass them if that is possible...
Obama: 'Step closer' to climate deal...

You have to believe that these guys always knew global warming was made-up...they really couldn't be this stupid, could they?

This has to be about destroying capitalism or taking down the big, bad dirty companies, right?
Please tell me you guys are really not this stupid?
And that you continue to be after your whole Bible has been proven made up and a lie.
Tell me you have just a little bit of dignity

Comment Posted By the Game On 24.11.2009 @ 14:59


Last two nights I have been out at bars with friends, mostly teachers, some conservative, most slightly liberals and one or two hard core liberals.
Both nights the topic of Obamacare came up and NO ONE...yes NO ONE defended it...even the hard core liberals jumped in.
One friend has a wife who does accounting for a hospital. She says anytime anyone comes to the hospital with govt health care (medicade or badgercare) the hospital loses money.
We are in a world of hurt people. This health care plan will end our countries way of operating and living as we know it.
The only people defending this are hard core liberals and very young people who have not learned anything about life yet.
The only people who even raised a question or two were a 23 and 25 year old girl. They just had no idea how bad it was because they are not that far removed from their super-liberal college experience.
Keep fighting conservatives, we need to save the country from Comrade Obama

come check out my blog and help me fight the liberals there!!!

Comment Posted By the Game On 24.07.2009 @ 08:57


The pirates were in the wrong, and they were punished. Did it mean they had to be killed?
Not saying that.
The punishment has to fit the crime. Luckily in the military that rule still holds true. Once the pirates made it look like they were going to kill the Captain, they were taken care of...
We talked to them, we played nice...and with some people that works, others it does not.

Now we already have people upset because we made the other pirates mad. Now they are going to kill Americans next time they capture them.
To the common liberal, now their behavior is our fault.
They don't think about the fact the pirates are doing something wrong, that they are the ones killing innocent people or capturing ships.
Nope, blame the big bad USA.
Its a stark contrast between common sense and liberalism.
Same happens everywhere.
Liberal thought:
"We have to understand why terrorist hate us"

Lets see how the comments go the next few days.
Will liberals be happy the right thing is done, and call for the end of the pirate behavior all together, or will we get them being who they are: Blaming America first and want to know why the pirates do what they do. It doesn't matter if what the pirates do is wrong, just that it is our fault.

Comment Posted By the Game On 13.04.2009 @ 08:09

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