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Steve in Houston Says:

"No, he’s saying that the Feds were OK (not perfect and in need of criticism/correction)"

That is exactly what is wrong. The Fed actions were most assuredly not "OK." Many attempts to deliver rescue, aid and supplies were turned back by FEMA. FEMA turned back WAL-MART trucks filled with food and water, they prevented the Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel, they refused to let in the Red Cross, they turned away expert search and rescue firefighters from Houston. The DHS refused entry of an expert Canadian search and rescue team -- a team that was involved in WTC rescue operations -- for two days. This team was invited by the Governor.

I can't begin to imagine what what White House press releases are being read by folks here, but you need to expand your reference material. For a start, try the Financial Times:

None of this was "OK."

Comment Posted By theBhc On 6.09.2005 @ 06:25

Your fulminations about Krugman are as confused as his. You say,

"It’s bad government conservatives hate. It’s incompetent government conservatives criticize,"

while, at the same time, appearing to argue that government agencies operated well enough here, when obviously that is just not the case.

Comment Posted By theBhc On 5.09.2005 @ 20:15

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