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Hard to see this as anything else. Yeah, she may still run for president in 2012 but, if anything, this makes her an even longer shot. I hate to say this — and I know it will rile some — but I see this as a retreat. She is, to be blunt about it, running away from the savaging she is receiving in the press and from liberals. It’s not exactly cowardice because the press targeted her kids and husband too - something new and despicably low in American politics. But it suggests an inconstancy that presidential candidates shouldn’t have.

As someone who's not your biggest fan relative to other right wing bloggers, let me nevertheless say well done. You're one of the few that didn't immediately try to figure out what her political calculation his here, and actually considered that she might be putting her family ahead of her near-term political ambition. As Mark Steyn wrote on The Corner, politics away from the national spotlight sometimes attracts normal people.

She may be doing it for her family now. But if she then shows up in Iowa and New Hampshire asking people for their vote, what are people to think? It’s only going to get worse if she runs in 2012 and people will rightly wonder if she can stand the gaffe.

It wouldn't look good at all, but I really don't think she's running in 2012. I'm sure there will be a "Draft Palin" movement by at least a vocal few, but I don't think she'll take the bait this time.

As an aside, I believe our 2012 prospects took a big hit in the last two weeks, between this news and Sanford's "Don't-Cry-For-Me-Argentina-Gate."

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What about this post by Ledeen on the Corner today:

It doesn't sound like he's advocating us going to war in Iran to me. Are there other sources that quote Ledeen contradicting what he says here?

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