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I do, indeed, stand behind my "high school" metaphor, Rick.

Especially with regard to people like you and "publius" who want (nay, DEMAND) the respect deserved of an adult, but run like little children when it comes time to take the responsibility required of an adult.

Very much reminiscent of high school, that whole "I demand you treat me like an adult, but I certainly don't want you to hold me responsible for my words or actions" attitude.

What are you talking about? I blog and write using my real name. Where is the similarity between someone who uses a pseudonym and someone who uses their real name?

And where in God's name did you get the idea that I don't stand behind every word I write? It is obvious to anyone that you are just spewing and not writing anything logical or coherent.


Comment Posted By tiger7_88 On 7.06.2009 @ 18:18

Awwwww... poor "publius".

Personally, I have never said or wrote anything in my life that I either (1) wasn't proud to stand behind personally, or (2) didn't deserve the personal heat I took for saying something stupid.

Dear "publius" and Rick: If you want to play in the big-boy sandbox, take off your diaper and put on your big-boy pants.

Congratulations for being proud to stand behind that last statement. If this were a high school blog, you'd fit right in.


Comment Posted By tiger7_88 On 7.06.2009 @ 15:07


glasnost Said:
8:54 pm

Hey, and… it’s great and all that Beck eventually debunked the concentration camp scene. But, it came after days of coverage about a cop killing where the shooter’s living friend specifically mentioned how the friend kept repeating that theory. He didn’t exactly rush to get to the bottom of this Big Mystery until that happened.


Out and out lie, glasnost. Beck announced on his show a couple of weeks ago that he had called his friend (the Popular Mechanics editor) to look into this... WELL before the police shooting.

But don't let the fact get in the way of you and Moran providing Beck a good smearing.

Comment Posted By tiger7_88 On 8.04.2009 @ 21:59

Cassie Said:
1:40 pm

Glen Beck is like the John Birchers and conspiracy theorists William F Buckley drove out of the GOP way back when.

We need another William F Buckley to cleanse this Party and send these Far Right Loons packing.


You do realize that in Buckley's last years that he and Limbaugh were good friends, right?

Comment Posted By tiger7_88 On 8.04.2009 @ 15:07

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