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jeez this site has fallen. Retire and nahanni - are you under 15 years old? Is this Rick Moran's site? Rick's a smart right wing blogger. These two, on the other hand, are pathetic. Wrapping yourself in the flag, you're a joke, Retire. Nahanni, well, he or she is so advanced he resorts to potty insults. Wow. What an embarrassment. Next time, use more exclamation points. That'll REALLY learn me but good! oh man.

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I know you are but what am I.

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Look, I'm a lefty but these movies look incredibly cliche and lame. The 80s had plenty of pro-war, alpha-male movies that everyone loved, the Schwarzenegger/Stallone movies that refought and then won Vietnam. There was plenty of implicit criticism in those movies of the US gov't, too. Uncommon Valor, PLatoon, etc. I liked them all, really, but I didn't support the Vietnam war. They were engaging popular entertainment that contradicted my own political beliefs, so what? I'm not that sensitive. Are you?

I can't believe that conservatives are such cartoons that they really think that a movie tanks only because of its politics, but of course I've already read, off of Memeorandum, plenty of conservative sites are trying to laugh off Stop-loss as an example of how Hollywood is out of touch.

I love a good patriotic movie, I think most lefties do. I love Independence Day's rallying American-centric militarism, just as I love Apocalypse Now's dreamy self-doubt.

My lefty friends love America's ideals - they just despise the despicable ignorance and transparent deception of Bush and his enablers. I guess that's one difference between the right and left - mostly conservatives seem to have trouble realizing that we yearn for an opportunity to be proud of the US.

The biggest problem with the flops listed above is that they were dull! Christ, Robert Redford keeps auditioning for the Spirit of America - The Natural, The Candidate, The Electric Horseman, Jeremiah Johnson, All the President's Men - we get it, we get it, Bob. And Cruise, nuff said.

Who can take Ryan Phillipe seriously, with his pouty-face?

The Kingdom was about 2/3 a good action flick and then its weird moral equivalence popped up at the end, that WAS weird, I grant you. That movie tried to get artsy and intellectual at the end. But the characterization was weak and it was a wasted opportunity of a novel setting. Ah well.

I would say overall the reason for the flops is that we, I, are just totally exhausted with Iraq. No one really knows what to do. We can't leave and we can't stay. At $2 billion/week, it's just a mess. It's not entertaining because the stakes are too high. It's not informative to see a movie because no movie can match the information saturation that the web and cable news brings us info junkies. So what can a movie do? It can't educate like the net, and it can't entertain because there's too much at stake. Like the Nam films, there's got to be a moratorium. Wait til the war's over.

Sadly, that means decades until we're out of there.

I don't think the conservatives will ever really come to terms with the magnitude of how deeply wrong they were on this one. Some sites have. But Bush has been a catastrophic failure. I just want him gone. And please, God, no Hillary either.

Comment Posted By tor On 29.03.2008 @ 16:13

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