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Ted isn't writing for persuasional purposes, his cartoons and angry anti-American rants are for a like-minded audience that eschews reason and fact. His appeals "against war" are less legal than emotional; can anyone imagine what Ted and his ilk would be doing if they wielded power of state?

Thirty years ago, I sat in a UCLA philosophy class (survey of Western philosphy, I think). The professor, Rogers Albritton, asked the class if truth was an objective reality or was subjective,totally dependent upon the viewer. Three-quarters of the class by show of hands declared that truth is subjective. Albritton's reply: "this is the end of Western civilization."

It's hard for me today not to feel that more than a few future journalists, lawyers, and academics sat in classes just like mine, drawing the same wrong-headed conclusions that have produced people like Ted Rall. History has proven the best arguments in the Left's arsenal dead wrong- but the truth doesn't (and hasn't) mattered to them, ever. It's all about them, and anything that focuses attention on themselves.

Comment Posted By trentk269 On 9.12.2005 @ 10:38


Yes; in the words of the famous folk- philosopher Rodney King, "can't we all jus' get along?"

Comment Posted By trentk269 On 7.12.2005 @ 17:29

Good luck in persuading the "patriotic" Democrats to join the war effort. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but these folks have about as much chance of dropping their seditious, defeatist ways as a cow has of jumping the moon. This is not the first time that the party of Jefferson has backed rebellion during wartime: the Dems of Lincoln's era were much the same in their pro-slavery, pro-state's rights opposition to nearly everything Lincoln tried.

Our only hope is to win this war with focused, determined effort, with or without the "patriotic" Democratic party.

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Since the good professor derives his paycheck from the same government that wiped out all those Indians, isn't it just a wee bit hypocritical for him to be spending a paycheck that's spattered in Native American blood?

Comment Posted By trentk269 On 25.11.2005 @ 03:30


Great idea! While we're at it, we can have W apologize to Cindy Sheehan for tricking her son into dying in Iraq, and apologize to Algore for stealing the election of '00. And let's not forget the poor and the infirm that were irrepairably harmed by the infamous Bushitler tax cuts.

We can televise it live on CNN. Jack Cafferty can host, just show that we Repubs are a big-hearted bunch. Then, we can all sit back and watch them poll numbers RISE like the water table jes' south of Lake Pontchartrain.

Did I ever tell you that you remind me of Andrew Sullivan?

Comment Posted By Trentk269 On 9.09.2005 @ 18:03


Oh yeah.let's blame everything that's unpopular about Iraq on Rumsfeld and fire him. That will REALLY galvanize public support for the war- hell, look how effective that tactic was when LBJ fired Westmoreland, Rusk, and McNamara (yeah, I know they "resigned", were "reassigned",etc.)

We've got a choice in this country- it's real simple. We can cut and run, stick our head up our collective ass and hope no one notices, or we can stick it out and support Iraq's efforts to become a free independent republic.

Firing Rumsfeld solves nothing. I can't believe you're as intellectually lazy as this post sounds. Americans are NOT serious about winning this conflict, which has EVERYTHING to do with problems to date.

Giving the unelectable Left a victory in this would be almost as bad as allowing the terrorists in the region to win control of Iraq. It will lead to an eventual nuclear event in a major western city or three AND THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING THE POLITICAL FORCES RELEASED FOR NUCLEAR REVENGE AGAINST THE ENTIRE REGION IF THIS HAPPENS.

Comment Posted By trentk269 On 16.08.2005 @ 00:03

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