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Ooops...I meant "DNC keynot gig..."

Comment Posted By ynot4tony2 On 13.03.2008 @ 23:12

If you want a little more information to bolster your case, try using lexus nexus or something on the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. Obama has donated "Rezko money" to charity on multiple occassions, but the media talks about the $150,000 as if it were one lump sum.

It might also be interesting to read up on how the Chicago Tribune destroyed Obama's primary opponent then his Republican Senate opponent by getting their SEALED divorice records unsealed. Each done at different times, but seemingly timed to wipe out Obama's opponent mid-race. They were puffing him up to be a future President before Obama got the RNC keynote gig.

The Tribune basically handed this empty suit the Senate seat.

Comment Posted By ynot4tony2 On 13.03.2008 @ 23:10

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