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If no numbers is embarrassing, but a budget with numbers, like the dems, which will almost certainly guarantee calamity in the future is more acceptable, then i would suggest a "do over" in your thinking.

Obama's trillions cannot be paid back in anything like current dollars, and there is a very high likelihood that we won't even be able to sell all the debt. When a massive treasury auction fails, you'll certainly wish you'd done a do-over in your thinking about the awful republican response.

It is possotively hilarious that people who now think the housing bubble was obvious cannot see that running up massive trillions in debt, while at the same time making the business environment less friendly, and thus the ability to pay debt back, are willing to swallow this thing whole.

open eyes

Where in God's name do you see me saying I find Obama's budget "more acceptable?" I tout Ryan's alternative, nitwit.

Idiots who put words in my mouth generally don't last long as commenters here.


Comment Posted By yo On 27.03.2009 @ 08:08

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

To the nutcase above that said dinosaurs couldn't have lived at the same time as man, why not take a quick look at wikipedia and find out the truth before you make an a$$ out of yourself. Dinosaurs live today. That's what scientists believe. Birds ARE dinosaurs. I've seen this particular critisism from the left in many places and wish someone would set them straight and show them for the arrogant buffoons that they are.

Comment Posted By yo On 29.09.2008 @ 12:32

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