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So let me get this straight: you bitched about the previous study because the sample size was too small and the margin of error too great. So they addressed all of those complaints, and came out with a new study. And now, in a flash of brilliance, you're using the previous study, whose criticisms have all been addressed now, to say "See? They do bad studies, so this one's bad too!"?

They just don't teach enough logic in the schools these days, do they?

And, as for your second bitch, that the timing of the release is somehow suspect, I'd ask you this: if there's information that will help the public decide whether their current leadership is performing correctly, do responsible people hurry and inform the population before the election, when it will be useful, or after the election, when it's useless?

Comment Posted By zadig On 11.10.2006 @ 11:55

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