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Ann said (I believe on the Lauer clip) that Liberals don't understand analogy. It appears not just liberals, of course. But, here's an analogy to HER statements: critcizing a famous actress wading into the political arena. You might call (this actress) a washed up ham, enjoying the fame of being in the (political) limelight and having no expertise based on her experience. A strident harpy... etc. Making ad hominem attacks even.

The attacks are not reasonable, and I don't think Ann is that bereft of intelligence to be making them as 'attacks'; nor is she seeking merely controversy. Ann herself is the example, beautifully rendered, showing just how out of bounds the same kinds of attacks are w.r.t. these widows.

She is stunningly, inexorably and amusingly, reasonable. She's also brave, and funny. She's not afraid to throw the left's outrageousness right back at them. The reaction tells the tale.

Comment Posted By zardoz On 11.06.2006 @ 11:39

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