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The only problem I have about critcizing Bush is that those who do, never have an alternative solution to the war on terror. At least he is trying. What is yours? How would you make it effective?
In my view, the left will not wake up until some city in the US or Israel has either been vaporized or the Bill of Rights, out of respect for only Islam, ceases to exist. Their PC is blinding them to what is so obvious to the rational and even those on the fringe right. Imams and Mosques need to be under extreme scrutiny AND the borders must be CLOSED for starters.

Comment Posted By Ann On 8.07.2005 @ 11:17


I found this while just tyoing in my first name was arrested for and I got to say how can teaching someone to watch their mouth around ladies be considered assult he should have been taught a lesson about respect not everyone accepts profanity as part of everyday vocabulary I was always taught anyone can use profanity but it takes a smarter person to find a different word to get the point across. So WAY TO GO ANN!

Comment Posted By ann On 9.09.2006 @ 02:11

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