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Although ... in a thousand years or so, someone might still be lodging the same complaint.

Comment Posted By Axe On 26.03.2006 @ 04:19

Not sure I am in lock-step with you Cutler, across the board, but truer words n'er spoken:

"We can’t run our foreign policy by stealth forever."


Comment Posted By Axe On 26.03.2006 @ 04:16

Sorry--looks a bit like spam up there; that wasn't my intention. The post is still up top, but I should have used the specific url if i'z gonna mention it:

Nah. That's better. Sorry :)

Comment Posted By Axe On 25.03.2006 @ 09:00

It's to the side(ish)--but Expose the Left (guest blogging RightWinged's Randy) is geekin out over the Russia-Saddam connection in a major way.

Comment Posted By Axe On 25.03.2006 @ 08:50



It must be in the air. I saw your post--making rounds--and immediately thought my equivalent of "Hell Yeah!" and then I see Barbara's comment ...

I had a bit of a tiff in a comment log on Expose the Left that pulled the wind out of me earlier tonight, on that CPT rubbish. I didn't realize it, but that's whats made me blog sick, or at least put me over the edge. More than a little heart sick too, but thats me own business I s'pose.

I'm not going to pretend anyone is a liberal, or that odd Christian ... group (I write as a devout Christian). I'm just gonna go forget! I think I'll run em all--then finish up with Captain Ron.

Freakin Fantastic Idea.

Later fellow inmates.

(It's early Friday morning; I've got 3 days; I think I'll make it a weekend)

Comment Posted By Axe On 24.03.2006 @ 04:45

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