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Due to the onset of information overload along with unhealthy feelings of homicide toward liberals, I am taking today off to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It didn’t help that I had to wrestle with government forms most of the morning trying to get Sue’s residency situation ironed out. Several times in the last few days, she has informed me that she wished she could go back and live under Communist oppression - at least those guys had a good idea of what bureaucracy really was. Our immigration paper pushers are apparently amateurs compared to what they could accomplish forms-wise in the old Soviet bloc.

At any rate, I will self-identify with Faramir, the misunderstood son, and see the cave trolls as liberals - both seem to share about the same level of intelligence. And I will be back bright and early tomorrow with more scintillating commentary and uproarious dismemberment of the the left.


  1. Rick - I feel the same way today because of the news about the Christian Peace hostages that were saved by soldiers risking their lives to do so. These people, in their statement, could not even come up with a single word of thanks to the soldiers. Unbelievable. They are lefties and I do not consider them to be Christian as they hold moral relativism between our efforts to free Iraq and use quotes around the word “terrorist” . I could go on & on but today my disgust for liberals is at an all-time high. I hope you will write about this.

    Comment by Barbara Bronson — 3/23/2006 @ 3:53 pm

  2. Good choice in film viewing!

    Recalling the scene at the Bridge of Khazad-DÅ«m — just picture Russ Feingold as the Balrog. Here is to him getting his fellow dim-o-crats on the record opposed to the wire-tapping of terrorists! Instead of just falling like a lead balloon to his own doom, he is wrapping his tail around the legs of the Democrat party and will bring them down with him!


    Comment by Sly Robbie — 3/23/2006 @ 11:18 pm

  3. Wow.

    It must be in the air. I saw your post–making rounds–and immediately thought my equivalent of “Hell Yeah!” and then I see Barbara’s comment …

    I had a bit of a tiff in a comment log on Expose the Left that pulled the wind out of me earlier tonight, on that CPT rubbish. I didn’t realize it, but that’s whats made me blog sick, or at least put me over the edge. More than a little heart sick too, but thats me own business I s’pose.

    I’m not going to pretend anyone is a liberal, or that odd Christian … group (I write as a devout Christian). I’m just gonna go forget! I think I’ll run em all–then finish up with Captain Ron.

    Freakin Fantastic Idea.

    Later fellow inmates.

    (It’s early Friday morning; I’ve got 3 days; I think I’ll make it a weekend)

    Comment by Axe — 3/24/2006 @ 4:45 am

  4. Hello,

    I stumbled upon “Rightwing Nuthouse” while browsing the portfolio of E.Webscapes. I like the design :) Regarding the frustration you have with liberals, I feel the same with conservatives sometimes. I just don’t understand them. I realize this is a conservative site but I thought I would try commenting to see if perhaps I could understand your viewpoints a bit better. I just hope that I have not entered the proverbial lion’s den. At least we like The Lord of the Rings… it’s a start.

    Comment by Mark Nunes — 3/24/2006 @ 7:57 am

  5. Rick — er, Faramir — I hope you were lucky enough to have watched the extended version of the trilogy. If you haven’t seen those, you haven’t seen Peter Jackson’s LOTR.

    Good luck with your and Sue’s little bureaucratic hell.

    Comment by The MaryHunter — 3/24/2006 @ 10:59 am

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