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HAY MARVIN!!! u no i luve u marvine u r sooooo smaret!!! yah chimpy is a jooooo luvin nazi an so r alla tehm thair REPUKE'S im so gladd too see u ritin hear!!! all tho it aint azz fine as that thair. time we got's BIZZY in my trailor!!!! aftor that thair meating with alla them damb hippy's whare thay all talkded all nite abowt chimpy and that thair darky neagro wife o his or wat evor her is!!! marrvin u shoud vizit me agin at my trailor i put my ole boy frend out well axully he went too prisson but u no wat i meen!!!! fer ole times sake's!!!

Comment Posted By BEULAH MAE!!!!! On 11.03.2005 @ 16:39

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