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- The more balanced outlets like FOX are pressing the story, but none of them are addressing the other have of the ruse, "stagging", which is even more insidious than photoshopping.

- Rueters is laying smoke in other ways, hoping no one asks why the photo reviewers have not been taken to task. We are left to assume that freelancers were being given carte balnche to submit feeds directly with zero ed oversight. That aspect of the whole mess is even more damning that "Reutering" photo's. I don't believe that for a heartbeat, and they're avoiding that problem entirely anyway.

It was cute the way they also avoided dealing with the second fake they put up when they pulled the first fake. Stone walling time.

Comment Posted By Big Bang Hunter On 7.08.2006 @ 18:54


Setting aside the limp wristed attemps at a weasily worded defense of the seriously dysfunctional Dr. Dembto Frisch, there were dozens of us on the site the 4th when she launched into her diatribes, and every one of her posts, in all their vileness, were duly recorded, and immediately forwarded to the Portland FBI AIC for their review. So this latest "modified her posts" prang isn't going to cut it.

BTW, in all fairness I'm seeing some on the left really upset with her claimes they support the things she's done, and condemning her in no uncertain terms, but of course you're always going to have the hard core true-blue moonbats that will take a defensive position no matter how feckless.

Any wonder why they're considered a cult, childish, and not to be taken seriously. Coupled with the meltdown over at Kos Kiddie land, I expect at some point before too long the DNC leadership is going to stuff Dean and his Deaniacs in a large laundry bag, and cut them loose.

Comment Posted By Big Bang Hunter On 9.07.2006 @ 19:12

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