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"Bermas believes that the Apollo moon landings were faked and that there have been missions to the moon using secret technology other than rocket propulsion"

1. Fake moon landing
2. Conduct secret real moon landing.
3. ???
4. Profit

Comment Posted By Boris On 22.08.2007 @ 16:46

Two quick comments.

"...and the disturbing poll numbers showing that 46% of the country believing the whole truth about 9/11 is being hidden by the government..."

If I recall correctly, it was 42%, but the major point is the wording of the question (something about the government revealing "the whole truth" about 9/11) could be interpreted in many ways. The producers seemed to pass off the number as the number who believe in a conspiracy--even a partial one. I suspect they got a lot of people who thought the government was merely withholding information for strategic reasons, or perhaps covering up its own botched response.

Second, this is not a fatal blow to the truthers. They have never let factual presentations influence their beliefs before. They'll simply retreat from the weakest of their arguments and dig in again. But it was fun to watch.

Comment Posted By Boris On 21.08.2007 @ 19:31


Hmmm...I did laugh at Sadam helping us and setting up a democracy. Very rich.

Of course the larger point is that Bush has screwed up in almost every way possible. I have no doubt most Americans wish Gore had been elected. It would be hard to do worse.

Comment Posted By Boris On 2.04.2007 @ 09:31


"For example, we see this phenomena when models predicting the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere are shown to be consistently off target – sometimes wildly so."

I'm not sure what this means. No climate model that I know of attempts to predict the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Are you talking temperature here? I'd like to see the study that shows models off by a wide margin.

"Beyond using science as a political weapon, advocates of global warming regularly smear those on the other side by calling into question their motives."

True--the focus should be on the science. However, the oil connection does give insight into why someone might be stretching facts. But first you have to prove the facts are stretched.

"And Mr. Hansen’s political connections should raise a few eyebrows:"

Aren't you doing the same thing here that you criticize AGW proponents for?

Comment Posted By Boris On 22.03.2007 @ 13:49

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