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"George W. Bush, in my opinion, was not Presidential material mainly because he lacked intellectual curiosity..."

Jesus, what is it with you people? He lacked intellectual curiosity, his critical-thinking skills weren't absolutely top-drawer, he wasn't post-modern enough?

I am not anti-intellectual - except when intellectuals start crowing about their own credentials, flaunting their sense of entitlement, and insisting that the rest of their fellow citizens STFU let them get on with running the country.

We can debate the merits and performance of conservatism on factual grounds - this commenter makes a good case the conservative policies have been less than successful. However, the belief that a more "intellectual" president or series of presidents would have been more successful is not supported by history.

Go read "The Best and the Brightest." Which might be subtitled "How Some Really Smart Democrats F**ked Up the Country."

Comment Posted By Bugs On 14.10.2008 @ 11:22

"Tell me when it’s OK to be a MD, PhD or JD in the Republican party and maybe we’ll come back."

Another highly-educated person has his feelings hurt because EVERYONE is allowed to vote - not just people with fancy academic backgrounds. Ain't Democracy a bitch, though?

Comment Posted By Bugs On 14.10.2008 @ 10:57

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