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Wow, this is a new low. Now the lefties are projecting their own tendency to project.

Comment Posted By C Stanley On 7.03.2008 @ 09:38


On a separate note, I'm growing tired of (and concerned over) the tendency for paleoconservatives to scapegoat the Christian right for the problems of their own movement. If none of the candidates in the field represent a compelling force for paleoconservatives, how exactly is that the fault of the social conservatives? Fiscal cons have been asleep at the wheel for a political generation, and now they've awoken in a panic and are looking for someone to blame.

Comment Posted By C Stanley On 16.12.2007 @ 10:18

You've twisted the logic in your critique of Romney. Saying that there are places with freedom of worship but no democracy doesn't disprove Romney's premise, because he's not said that the equation works that way. What he said was that democracy and freedom require religious freedom, not that religious freedom guarantees the existence of other freedoms. The one (religion) acts as a vital support for the other.

You disagree with that, obviously, but you'd have to show examples of atheistic/nonreligious cultures which are able to maintain democratic, free societies. Europe may be heading there now, but they still don't provide an example of the natural rights being derived from an atheistic worldview (in other words, they still benefitted from the Christian worldview that prevailed at the inception of their governments). It also remains to be seen whether or not their cultures will ultimate survive their increased secularization. Unfortunately it seems that socialism replaces Christianity as a social force for moral treatment of the weaker members of society, and I for one don't believe that such a system is sustainable.

Comment Posted By C Stanley On 16.12.2007 @ 10:16

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