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The Beckian Wing of Conservatism

>>Beck is not the leader of the Conservatives/Republicans/Right any more than Limbaugh is. Seems to me that these guys get so much support from their followers because there is no leadership in the Republican/Conservative/Right arena.<> It’s natural we come to different conclusions. I give one (small) example. In parts of the conservative showmanship world it has become an established “fact” that global warming is a ‘hoax’. That somehow scientists have willfully propagated this ‘liberal lie’ etc etc. I don’t want to go into the pros and cons of global warming but I don’t believe in any conspiracy. If you are a scientist you just measure melting of the Arctic ice, increasing temperatures and model this with available historical data and most come up with an increase in global temperatures that worries them. <<

Really? Like you, I don't want to go into pros and cons, but as someone that reads constantly, I don't see the consensus amongst scientists you speak about...and the cures I read about will be very expensive if not futile..

Speaking of another favorite liberal green issue, glad to see hunting is becoming "one with nature and the natural way to obtain meat while being close to the source of our food"....gotta go crank up the crock pot for some deer meat chili, yum.

Leave Beck alone and lets pray for the right leader to come along and articulate the truths of conservatism....seems to me he is laying the groundwork.

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 12.04.2009 @ 15:47


Time for comic relief...this is hilarious and the antidote to obama'll be singing this song...

BTW, love your blog!!

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 26.10.2008 @ 21:05


Hi brooks...

I am just wondering why you think anyone would want to engage you in the discussion you so dearly want, what with all your hostility and name calling and sneering superiority...

I have to admit, the thought occurred to me that it might be fun to give you what you want, and supply you with a bunch of links and imagine you scurrying all over the internet, furiously lining up your arguments, knitted brow in concentration, googling like crazy....:)

The thought will keep me amused all afternoon...

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 16.09.2008 @ 12:39

Hey brooks...

Is that a little bit of spittle I see on the corner of your mouth?

Why, yes, I believe it is ;)

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 16.09.2008 @ 09:10

Not as far as I am concerned given your qualifiers :)

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 15:08

I don't care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home.

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 13:36

Oh yeah, the above post from me for brooks

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 10:51

Speaking as an agnostic/turned fundementalist Christian/turned agnostic again (leans hands off, don't tell me what to do), to be honest, not sure... I think it depends on who we want to be as a people and we will duke it out over time. That's what is going on now...and I think homosexual behavior is close to being normalized, if not already...

But ideas and changes have consequences, intended and otherwise...and we're going to have to deal with that...remember this prediction, we will be reading and arguing on threads like this someday about the rights of people who want to normalize polygamy, maybe even with a weird alliance between Mormans and Muslims in the courts...

During my college years when Roe v. Wade came into existance, who knew that we would eventually be arguing about the rights of babies who survive abortions...and who knows where that argument will lead?

Sometime, go find the pictures posted of what goes on during San Francisco's gay pride celebrations....not that you can't find pictures of heterosexual "celebrations" as well, just as depraved...ewwww...

AND, neither side has a monopoly on trying to shove their views down the throats of others...

Although it's hard to articulate, my gut tells me we're screwing up royally ...still struggling with all this...

Not thrilled with who we seem to be becoming...

PS..on a personal level...pissed me off when a hairdresser where I go referred to a woman as a "breeder"...too bad about the stereotype but it happened at the beauty salon, can't help that...of course, equally pissed me off when a neighbor called me a bitch...still don't know why ;)

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 10:50


Two words:

Elliot Spitzer

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 06:46


My point is that there are all kinds of natural behaviors that occur in other animals that we humans reject on moral, cultural, ethical, religious or whatever grounds...

This would be a good time to bring up polygamy...all the arguments in favor of homosexuality apply to polygamy as well...and in fact, that practice is far more favorably regarded in historical and present day religious and secular culture than homosexuality....and re: your point about what happens naturally in other animals from insects to mammals , I notice that many animal species wholeheartedly practice it...

Comment Posted By CinnamongirlUF On 15.09.2008 @ 06:06

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