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The towers fell due to an unusual method of internal explosions, felling them top down. With most normal collapse there is a middling at the top to bring the structure inwards then a verical collapse. With the two towers they exploded out from the top down. Only WTC7 had implosive and explosive devises. Had 1 and 2 merely collapsed due to structural fatigue as NIST suggests you wouldn't have debris thrown up and out to the distances recorded. It doesn't matter how many times the 'anti-truthers' baulk at the idea of this being pre-planned by others than 19 supposed hijackers,- many of whom seem to be still alive according to the BBC,- THEY ARE WRONG. FULL STOP

Comment Posted By ColinB On 23.08.2007 @ 15:51

If Alex Jones said that,quoting Galileo G. "the earth is round" and that was the cause of his incarceration then that is nonsense, for whatever reason. I was pointing out that the prison term wasn't 'short'. HOWEVER, and this is the important bit as an architect and having studied the drawings of the WTC1 and 2 there is NO, and I repeat NO way that they could possibly have collapsed due to them being hit by 757's. You can bring on any accademic you like to support your cause and will produce better ones to slay them.

Comment Posted By ColinB On 23.08.2007 @ 13:08

If Mr. Moran you believe that not being allowed to leave the house, not even to get food,-which his convent daughter could only send to him until she died- then rely upon the good auspices of papal 'friends' to only provide meagre sustinance isn't a form of prison then you're a very sad person.

Comment Posted By ColinB On 23.08.2007 @ 10:32

Firstly, to the pompous,fool lambasting Alex Jones, and commenting upon Galileo as only being imprisoned for a short period he was,in fact, held under house arrest for the last nine years of his life. That is almost prison. And, to the rest of you ignoramouses, wilful, or otherwise- including the writer if the article- 911 WAS an inside job. Whether you like the idea or not.

Comment Posted By ColinB On 23.08.2007 @ 09:38

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