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Charles Martel, who saved France, and thus Europe, from the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in 732, and the Hapsburgs and King Sobieski of Poland, who saved Vienna and Europe, from the Ottomans in 1683, must be turning over in their graves, at the thought of France's, and Europe's surrender, at the cost of sooooo much of their blood, to the Islamists!

If the British surrender, General Gordan's sacrifice at the Battle of Khartoum against the Mahadist forces in 1885 will go to waste; and if WE surrender, Marine Lt. Presley O'Bannon's 1805 victory against the Barbary Pirates, at the Battle of Derna, in Tripoli, will have also been a waste!

It's going to be interesting to watch..

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 19.09.2006 @ 17:38


Above all else Rick, Juan Cole is a academic fraud!

First and foremost, he's an apologist for radical, fundalmentalist Islam!

Second of all, he's a faux scholar!

I've had several blog wars with him, since the invasion of Iraq in 2003

Primarily, he's tried to debunk my research, that clearly shows, that the majority of Iraqi Shi'ites, the NON-Sadrites, practice a more non-poltical, "quietist" form of Shi'ite Islam, known as the Akhbari form of Shi'ite Islam, as opposed to the more aggressive, Iranian Qomi school of Shi'ite Islam, known as the Usuli school of Shi'ite Islam.

The best part, came straight out of Cole's mouth as "...I've never met anyone in Iraq who was an Akhbari..."

Fact is, I don't think he's ever BEEN TO Iraq!

Additionally, he overlooks one of the fundamental aspects in general, of Shi'ite Islam: TAQIYYAH!

Which means, Shi'ites, will LIE their butts off, to protect themselves, if they think they are in danger!

If an Iraqi Shia, thinks that acknowledging the fact that they are a "closet" Akhbari, will cause them harm, why would they admit it anyone!

I can remember, when I was in southern Turkey, near the Iraq border, doing some "research" when I was in the military, before I crossed over into Iraq.

I was talking to some Turkish "Arabs"; they knew I was an American, it was obvious, and they kept INSISTING they were "Sunnis", like all good Turks!

I KNEW they were BS'ing me, so I finally took the tack that I wanted to convert to Islam, and needed someone to teach me about Islam!

They immediately sat down, and tried to convert me to Allawi-type Shia Islam!

I finally said to them, I thought you all told me you were "Sunnis"??

They just laughed, and said, we tell that to all foreigners, so they don't kill us!

Anyway, in addition, Cole is a western convert to Bahism!

At best, Bahaism is a cult, founded 150 years ago, in Iran, and it has large followings in India, Iran, and even Israel, of all places, ironic, considering Cole is a dedicated Anti-Semite!

It's also a precursor to the current fad in Hollywood of the Scientologists; Bahaism gained a number of Hollywood/Entertainment type Western "converts" in the 60's onwards, like the musical duo "Seals & Croft"!

The only rational for Cole, and his "analysis", and his anti-Semitism, is some type of complex "self-hate"/Stockholm Syndrome; his continued support and excuse making for the Iranian theocracy, the same one by the way, that has been persecuting and executing his fellow Bahai's actively since 1977, borders on psychosis.

Again, the only explaination, is that he probably feels, if he continues sucking up to the Iranian thugs, and Islamic Fundalmentalists in general, maybe they'll quit picking on his fellow Bahai, so he has become an advocate for Islamic Fundalmentalism in general, and Shi'ite thugs like Sadr/the Iranians in particular.

It's a very peculiar thing; but the most important thing to remember, is to believe the exact OPPOSITE of whatever he writes or says!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 19.09.2006 @ 01:29


I always find it interesting, when the Muslims get upset about being compared to "Fascists"!

President Bush used the term "Islamo-fascists" the other week, and it so upset the Muslims, it even came out when the Palestinian Group kidnapped Centani and Wiig of FoxNews!

Everyone should take a gander at this Article, to show EXACTLY how tied in, the Muslims were, and have been tied DIRECTLY in with the Fascists, since the 1930's!

By the way, this guy, the Grand Mufti of Jeruselum, was Yasser Arafat's distant cousin!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 16.09.2006 @ 21:00


Eno: I agree with the thrust of what you're saying; my only point was, there is MORE than enough stuff to nail Clinton on, without making stuff up.

That said, you, and Rick are correct as well, in your last para; well said!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 10.09.2006 @ 11:58

Rick, you'r a genius! Great Post!

That said, at least for ME, I'm consistent on this issue!

1) I despise Bill Mahr, he's the worst type of demagogue the Left in this country can produce; he's made a living off of insulting in the most despicable manner, our President on a weekly basis, on his slimeball HBO show.

That said, and even though he was desperately wrong about the Islmo-murderers right after 9/11, by calling them "brave"; I was RESOLUTELY disgusted when his network (NBC???) cancelled his show, "Politically Incorrect"; it was an amazing act of cowardice, by the Network, which could've been handled with an "apology" by Bill Mahr, or at least an attempt to explain his remarks more.

2) When the whole Regean Biopic brouhaha happened last year, with CBS, I was against cancellation! Still am!

I thought it reprensible, that the producers would take what was clearly false words/actions/events, and "sex them up" as the Brits say, to make Regean look absolutely evil!

But, then again, it's Hollywood people, they hated Regean from the day he became President; because they blame him for being part of the whole MaCarthy-era-blacklist-thing from the 1950's, and they've never stopped trying to pay him back!

So I wasn't surprised they did it, at all. As for the Biopic itself, if you're going to make a "docudrama" showing what a "bad" person Julius Ceaser was; well, okay; he's not around to defend himself, neither are his sons/daughters/wives; and besides, since it happened 2000 years ago, there is some debate about historical "accuracy".

With the Regean Biopic, not the same case; Regean himself was dead, but he had family still around, and Administration personnel, who could PROVE demonstrably, that the scenes/info in question, were complete Leftist Fabrications.

Regardless, Protest if you like, but I was NOT in favor of CBS cancelling it!

If they were unwilling to change it to reflect reality, in my opinion, Broadcast away.

IF there was anything in it then, that was "actionable" legally, by the family, or people involved, fine, let the courts work it out; otherwise, it wasn't going to "convert" anyone, one way or another, who already had an opinion of Regean!

All it did, was PROVE, that if you scream loud enough, Censorship works!

3) On the Path to 9/11 ABC mess, my feelings are exactly the SAME! The Left, and the Clintonistas, have every right to protest it; but to Force CENSORSHIP, that is going to far!

And, I'm perplexed by the Writers/Producers; there is more than enough BAD, legitmately BAD stuff about Clinton, and his Administration's failures, to put in a Dozen Docudramas! So why bring all this "heat" down on themselves, on 3 scenes (supposedly), that can supposedly proven false!

It doesn't make any sense, and they deserve the criticism they get, from all sides, for that.

So, in the end, NO Censorship; correct the inaccuracies, report the TRUTH about the Clinton Administration, don't make crap up, and then let the public decide!

That said though, I think there is another factor at work.

I think the Clintonistas are seizing on the demonstrably false scenes as an excuse, really.

I think what is really galvanizing them, is not those supposedly 3 false scenes; I think what really scares them, is just a rehash of the whole Clinton-Monica Lewinsky issue; especially with Hillary getting ready to jump into the 2008 Presidential campaign.

They don't give a damn about the 3 scenes, they just don't want Bill & Hillary, to have to start playing defense over the effects of the whole Monica Lewinsky issue again, this close to the mid-terms, and Hillary's imminent campaign.

That's probably the truth of the matter, actually!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 9.09.2006 @ 14:32


Rick: this has ALWAYS been about Pakistan, unfortunately; from the WTC in '93, until 9/11, til now!

Pakistani Jihahdis have been hellbent on JIHAD, ever since they, successfully in their eyes, drove the British out of the Empire of India, and forced the Partition of "greater India" into India, Pakistan, and East Pakistan.

The war with "East" Pakistan, that eventually resulted in Bangladesh was a small setback, but if you've been paying attention to the successes of the Jihadis in that country over the past 5 years, not much.

Khaled Sheikh Mohammed/Ramzi Yousef gang, were all "Balouchis"; i.e. Pakistanis, who were subsumed into Al Qaeda, which was of course, really given it's impetous out of Pakistan, by the Intelligence Services, who also set up the Taliban in Afganistan.

And, as I've posted before on this/other boards; Bin Laden, when he was "unemployed" in Afghanistan after the Soviets cut and ran, went over to Kashmir for a couple of years, to kill Shi'ite in Pakistan and Kashmir for Musharraf!

In fact, Pakistan's own Name, says it all: Pashtu-Afghanistan-Kashmir PAKistan; that's where the name comes from, they had the vision when they created the name out of India, and they've never given it up, to control not only Pakistan "proper", but also Afghanistan and all of Kashmir!

The MSM, and our own Intel services, have focused on Al Qaeda/Bin Laden/Zawahiri, because it gives us that "charismatic" evil-doer to put a face/name too; something the media loves!

It's much harder, to attach "charisma" to a Salafiyyah movement, that stretches back centuries, and has an entire population so brainwashed, they literally live in the Stoneage! That would be most of Pakistan/Afghanistan, etc.

Wahabiyyah mullahs, from Yemen & Saudi, immigrated to Pakistan centuries ago (sound familiar...??); and inter-married and reinforced local Pakistani Jihadi culture, especially the Deobandis in India/Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Doesn't matter that the Wahabiyyah are Hanbalis, and the majority of Paikistanis/Indians/Afghanis are Hanafiyyah, it's the "Pious Ancestor" movement within Islam, the Salafiyyah, that matters.

Most Pakistani leaders over the past 50 years, have thus been Deobandis, including Musharraf!

That's correct, Musharraf's family "mujahir" is the first Indian "immigrant" to be a leader of Pakistan, but his family is Deobandi Sufi from India!

Wonder how often the Islamic geniuses at the State Department tell the President about that, or even if the understand that?

Even the whole AQ Khan nuclear club, and Islamic bomb thing, is tied in! That's why he's a national Islamic hero, and can't be touched!

Musharraf is not stupid; he signed up on the GWOT to begin with, because of intense international/US pressure, then when Bin Laden double-crossed him, by trying to assassinate him a couple of times, we had a small window to hunt Bin Laden/Al Qaeda down, and maybe, just maybe, change the culture of Pakistan.

That window has now closed; again, Musharraf is not stupid; he can read the "tea leaves".

Bush is a lame duck, the Republicans may lose control of Congress, despite NATO in Afghanistan, Europe has been/always will be a weak partner, more interested in it's own decadent civilization and paedophilic trips to SE Asia, and surrendering to it's burgeoning Islamic population, than trying to actually win the fight.

Musharraf also sees the traitorous Left in this country, turning the tide in their favor; so why should he trust us? Better to cut a deal, and ensure his own survival, than bet on us to actually win the GWOT.

We could win it if we wanted to; Saudi, and the Wahabiyyah there, have always been a target that we could put off till tomorrow; the Gulf Oil Sheikhs, are so fat on Oil Cash, and so spoiled, all they can do is lend financial support to the Jihadis and let their poor and middle class blow themselves up; but they themselves are too busy molesting their Filipina "domestics", to take up arms themselves!

That, they've left to the Pakistanis for the past 60 years, all the way up thru KSM/Ramzi bin Yusef, AQ in Afghanistan, the Taliban, the JTI in Kashmir, and now, the Emirate of Waziristan!

Pakistan, is the country we should've been going after, since 1993; the MSM & Left/Democrats have attacked Saudi, mainly because of BDS in order to make the tie between Bush/OIL/Saudi. We can deal with them, at our leisure, done the road.

Pakistan, has been, and for right now, IS the danger!

IF we had a hair on our snargglies, we'd attack and invade the entire western half of Pakistan, and see if Musharraf COULD respond! If he can't invade to attack them, he can't invade to help them. Since they already live in the StoneAge, carpet bombing them with B2's/B1's/B-52's wouldn't be that much of a setback. Besides, they're too busy ordering gangrapes of their womenfolk, and genitally mutilating them, to prepare for us!

Sadly, I'm so depressed, I'm thinking of converting to Islam!

I'm fitting my three daughters and wife for Burkha's now; maybe I'll get ahead of the crush.....

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 6.09.2006 @ 17:28


Here, Here Rick; about time someone advocated this!

I'm right there with you!

I'd love to be President for a day; that would be about the second thing on my "To Do" List; call up Annan, ask him to come to the Oval Office, and tell him he had 90 days to dismantle, and move Turtle Bay out of the country, to Europe!

It would be classic.....

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 25.08.2006 @ 19:00


Andy: I know a little about collections, etc.; been there, done that; and I don't know where you are getting your information, but the scenario you outline in paragraph one, I have NEVER seen happen, that is a NEVER. And I'd challenge anyone, who says that they saw "collecton assets" tasked by "policy" makers, to prove a negative point!

Paul Pillar is NOT a respected CIA analyst; Paul Pillar is a leftist partisan hack, not far removed from the Larry Johnson, Scheuer anti-Bush Administration cabal!

IF you think he's respected "analyst", and you take what he says as gospel, then it betrays you're own biases.

The water-pesticide thing was NOT false, and the Agricultural sector was MORE than robust; again, I have no idea where you are getting your information!

I will remind you, I WAS IN IRAQ; in addition; I spent major time with several dozen of the best WMD experts, that the US Military had to offer; and let me tell you; their conclusions were completely opposite the politically tinged and corrupt ISG, both in the Gulf War, and in this, the Iraq War; knowning what I know about both groups; I trust the Military guys hands down.

Well, actally, there is evidence, to suggest that AQ and Iraq, were connected, in many ways, and the whole crop duster thing, is one of those pieces of evidence, that undoubtedly indicate an Iraqi Intelligence connection to AQ.

Occam's RAzor applies; and I repeat: Absence of Evidence, is NOT Evidence of Absence!!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 24.08.2006 @ 20:22


TAQIYYAH, Rick; TAQIYYAH! A truce or ceasefire, or better yet, a "hudna", concluded with Muslims, and especially Shias, isn't worth the ink and paper it's written on!

It's just another term, for a long slow surrender, or suicide!

Sad fact is, that this time, we were complicit in it!

Comment Posted By DaleinAtlanta On 12.08.2006 @ 13:07

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