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Most conservatives today would take exception to the idea that our differences with the left - on some issues at least - are indeed “far smaller than our more irritable pundits would like us to believe.” But why shouldn’t that be so? After all, we share pretty much the same Enlightenment values (with admittedly a different emphasis on which ones are important), and there are areas of agreement to one degree or another on the value of liberty and human dignity.

Amen, Rick! The problem is that most people, as in life, don't have a healthy perspective. Everything here is socialist this, fascist that, when there are countries and even times in America where that actually was the range of opinions. But maybe, the problem is that because both parties are comparatively close by most measures there is this need to distinguish that invites such a need for divisiviness. Whatever the reason, it makes for an extremely ugly political environment.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 17.11.2009 @ 12:03


I agree with you, Rick, that the anger being shown in the meetimgs across the country is not advancing the state of the debate at all. But the reasons are all there. The frustrations are real. And when “peaceful but loud” contituents are confronted with “goons” I tend to side with the loud folks, regardless of the situation. And in this situation, I am siding with one quiet but extremely frustrated veteran.

Are you talking about the loud folks putting their congressmen in effigy and making death threats? Listen, I'm no fan of the SEIU's involment but to act as though their thuggish behavior absolves the conservatives thuggish behavior defies reason. Why can't they show up at these town halls and just ask a friggin question? Your father's frustration alone is not enough to warrant this thuggish behavior of killing debate and intimidating people. Fearing some conservative boogeyman about "forced assisted suicide" is the problem of the gullable not your elected officials.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 7.08.2009 @ 13:34


Some of you must be kidding about Barbour. First, he was a professional lobbyist so the ads right themselves. And Second, nobody north of the Tennessee is voting for the picture in the dictionary for "good ole' boy". He would grab every state in the south, and probably lose everything else.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 11.07.2009 @ 01:03


You do realize that media members accused Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton of murderers and drug dealers.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 3.07.2009 @ 21:29


"No other probable Republican candidate has Palin’s potential or sheer charisma. If she learns from her mistakes in 2008, she could be unbeatable in 2012. Hence she must be destroyed now."

You guys are just deluding yourself here. Julia Roberts and George Clooney have oodles of charisma to, but they aren't running for President. This notion that liberals are trying to destroy Palin is about as real as a liberals notion that you are trying to destroy Joe Biden. Your real target is Obama because he's the President, Joe is just a great sideshow who provides you with sources of entertainment (just admit it). Palin entertains us in the almost soap opera twists and turns of her life. It's much more like covering Brittany Spears over the past years than say going after Reagan or some other politician that liberals wanted off the national stage. If this was Italy where politics IS entertainment, she might have a good chance but despite our national disgust with politicians we have a bit higher bar usually.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 1.07.2009 @ 12:52


What is a racist, if not someone who dwells quite a bit on race?

Yes, that makes perfect sense. MLK Jr. by your definition is one of the greatest racists of all time.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 10.06.2009 @ 15:00


Good post Rick. Jack Dunphy who many have read on The Corner as a LAPD officer who has been blogging for 9 years under a pseudonym is probably what brought Ed to the light. Here is a cop providing insight that he couldn't give while maintaining his job. Yet spiteful partisans can't see that the outing of Publius on the left would be no different than an outing of Jack on the right. I hope that people don't retaliate against Jack for Ed Whelan's sins because these types of venguful acts wind up helping no one in particular, and stifle a good debate.

Those attempting to stand on some flimsy principle should also find it amusing that Ed Whelan won't reveal his....."anonymous" source who provide Publius's name. Now that's ironic.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 9.06.2009 @ 06:47



No mention of the fact that the reason we don't have an HHS secretary is because Republicans are obstructing a vote because they believe Seblieus likes to eat babies or something.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 27.04.2009 @ 11:32


Weren't we hearing the same thing around the time of the stimulus? The fact is that while the Republican Party would love to hand this crisis over to Obama, most people aren't stupid or partisan enough to expect instant results. Most people will allow him some room to succeed or fail when he's gotten a chance to implement his policies. 9/11 happened 9 months into Bush's Presidency yet most people saw it as a failure of Bush and Clinton because that's quite frankly what it was. If we gave Bush 9+ months before judging him a failure, I think most people will give Obama similar leeway to judge him. Sorry for the rationale analysis, but that's how most people who aren't invested in him losing political power and their side gaining it will probably feel.

I basically agree with you. My point was that despite ample evidence that Obama is not as advertised, it will take many months of what we've seen over the last month before people even start to question this guy. That's how powerful the narrative is about him right now.


Comment Posted By Derrick On 7.03.2009 @ 14:06



So now you've moved from liberals enjoying the death of US soldiers to liberals enjoying the death of US contractors. The fact is that while I don't agree with Kos's statements at all, the US military (of which Kos was a member of if you weren't aware) has and still feels like these US contractors/mercenaries were consistently endangering the lives of "actual" soldiers doing there job. Read any account of Blackwater, especially in the early days of the war, and you'll learn that those soldiers who we sent of to put their lives in jeopardy for their country, were consistently being undermined by contractors who put their lives in jeopardy for $200k contracts. If you read pass the few sentences that were clipped and pasted by others, you'd get that.

Comment Posted By Derrick On 3.03.2009 @ 15:58

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