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What Bell and others like him ignore is that the cost of a successful major terrorist attack cannot be measured only in the number of lives lost. The economic consequences of successful major terrorist attacks are incalculable. How many people won’t come to work in Manhattan after a dirty bomb goes off on Wall Street? How many people will decide urban living can be hazardous to your health after simultaneous attacks in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston? What would happen in towns along the path of such an exodus? How many people will lose their jobs or not be able to find work in the ensuing recession? How much equity in retirement accounts and college funds will vanish overnight when the Dow drops to 2,000? How many people who need health care won’t be able to get it after resources are diverted to treating the casualties of a mass attack?

The true threat comes not in the number of lives the enemy can destroy in a successful attack, but the long-term consequences on the vast majority who would survive.

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Bob Gates is the subject of this month's cover story in Texas Monthly, a story that focuses on his goals for Texas A&M University. The story reveals how Gates was on the verge of accepting the position of Director of National Intelligence when it was created, but decided not to because of how much he had grown to love Texas A&M and how much he felt he could accomplish there. If true, that anecdote begs the question, "Why would Gates relinquish a position he loves and accept an appointment as SecDef that most assuredly will not last more than two years?" Couple that with the fact that, absent significant progress, Iraq will be an albatross around the GOP's neck in 2008, and I think it's possible we might see a significant increase in the tempo of our efforts against the insurgency. Gates told the A&M regents when he interviewed for the job that he is an agent of change. Maybe that's why Bush tapped him.

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If the whole point of martial law is to prevent the terrorists from running around unobstructed through the city, how does Henderson manage to keep doing so?

Perhaps the biggest unanswered question so far is who among the bad guys knew that Jack was still alive so the murder of Palmer could be pinned on him. Refresh my memory as to who the four people who knew Jack was still alive were.

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What makes anyone think that the Democrats will be any more successful in raping America than the Republicans have been in doing the things we elected them to do?

As a conservative, what I am hearing from the GOP loyalists this year is, “If you will please give us more nmoney and support our candidates this year, we will really do all the stuff we have been telling you we were going to do for the last six years.”

While I cannot vote for a Democrat, the GOP has to earn my support. On the most of the issues that I care about -- immigration, tax reform, entitlement reform, reducing the size and scope of government, judicial nominations -- it has not done so. I've not abandoned the Republican Party -- it has abandoned me.

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At work, having only a few minutes to try to absorb your message, my initial reaction is that, while I understand and appreciate your concerns, I myself am far more concerned with the threats to my liberty, and the implications for further constraints down the road, posed by Congress and the judiciary via McCain-Feingold and Kelo, than I am by actions taken in the name of national security in a time of war. Provided I stay out of Iraq and Uncle Osama doesn't call me, I think I'm far more likely to suffer the consequences of an overreaching government by having my house seized to build some condos, or by being thrown in jail for speaking my mind about President Bush or Sen. Kerry.

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Anything Bill Whittle ( writes is worth reading. That his pieces are both lengthy and sporadic only adds to the joy of reading each one. They are rare combinations of intellect and passion, and I can't make it through one without thinking, "My God, he's right," and "I wish I could have written that," many times over.

In a similar category is Adiemanthus (

Beldar ( hasn't posted anything since the Astros knocked the Cards out if the NL playoffs. Perhaps he's been in a funk since the grand slam in Game 1 of the series. Both he and Patrick Frey ( provide perspectives on law, legal decisions and SCOTUS that are logical, even-handed and fact-based. Patterico provides the added bonus of catching the LA Times almost daily in some editorial lapse that provides evidence of the paper's bias.

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If your PUD is reassigned, has the DHS therefore pulled your PUD?

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