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And the flag-pin nonsense and the "Pledge" BS--enough already.

I'd rather have a man that considered the de rigueur-flag-pin an easy and often false show, than one who has them pre-pinned to every suit coat. (check out John Cole for a rogue's gallery of this cheap display.)

A photographed fraction-of-a-second during which Barack Obama failed to have his hand and arm in a certain position while the National Anthem (not the Pledge of Allegiance) was being played, has become a false cheap-and-easy meme. Where are all the other pictures to certify this "refusal to salute" as habit? Surely there would have to be many other photos, video even?

It's fascinating to watch political themes being born. This stuff is dishonest. I hope dishonesty doesn't work this time.

Comment Posted By Donnie On 24.02.2008 @ 22:30

Thank you for your honesty. Some form of this nonsense occurs on nearly every comment thread I've read on the right blogosphere.

Whenever someone uses Obama's middle name in my presence, I ask them if they know McCain's middle name.

So far the reply has always been some form of "no", and in some cases "no", along with an extended rant that boiled down to "it doesn't matter". None have answered "Sidney".

Comment Posted By Donnie On 24.02.2008 @ 21:23

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