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I find it interesting, so many communities have "public safety" departments or offices. Yet ,by far ,they are neither. They generally aren't very public, until they remove some right, nor are very effective at providing safety to the public. They tend to be more about rights restrictions than anything else save ,perhaps, patronage jobs.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 2.07.2008 @ 07:45


This government that wants to socialize the oil companies, are these the same jackasses that recently concluded that they would have to privatize a restaurant, one restaurant, because they were too incompetent, ie. STUPID ! to run said restaurant without losing vast sums of money ? That government wants to run the oil business ? I wonder if I can modify my vehicles to run on coal, because the government will destroy the oil business overnight. Yes ,they are that stupid and incompetent.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 19.06.2008 @ 12:05


Liberal relevatism rears it's ugly head once again. Mr. Kurtz isn't a goose, he's that part of the goose that cleared the fence last, along with some of the drippings.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 20.03.2008 @ 15:11


"Who said I was being silent? "....Well, if you are unwilling to listen, as you stated, then you are in effect ignoring the concern, abetting it in fact. And, in ignoring the atrocity, unlikely to have anything to say about it. I didn't suggest that the lack of posts here is indicative of your silence, but, that, you will choose to ignore a concern due to an hypocrisy that you perceive to exist. You have painted, quite literally, everyone with the same brush because you believe that everyone outraged by vick isn't outraged by abortion. A substanciation that cannot be supported and is patently false. False for many posters here as well as at other blog sites. You didn't restrict your allegations to only buffoons such as Sen Byrd, and appeared to include nearly anyone, everyone. If your intent was to limit your allegations to those of the Sen Byrd bent, then I was mislead by the lack of that clarity.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 31.08.2007 @ 11:41

"7Wonder95 Said:
1:21 pm

The day that those of you who rail on about this case rail just as hard against abortion "..........Actually some of us do. That you would choose be silent about an atrocity because you have decided that others aren't strident enough about other atrocities makes you a facilitator ,an enabler, in silent agreement with the perpetrators. It means that your concerns are at best alledged, and quite likely, aren't as important to you as you suggest.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 29.08.2007 @ 17:08

There is no doubt that Mr vick is a despicable excuse of a human being. The behaviour of his associates and himself, the cruelty they all displayed cannot be excused or forgiven. But, why has there not been the outrage directed at those whom race greyhounds and deal with insufficiently competative animals in the same manner as vick? They are every bit as barbaric. They are every bit as violent. And, these behaviours occur daily, inflicted on thousands of dogs. Where is the anger ?

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 29.08.2007 @ 12:05


" I’ll never be able to read Muir again without thinking about it."......considering the mockery and perversion that the left has made out of racial tensions for so many years, this might not be an unfortunate circumstance.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 26.04.2007 @ 11:44


That a lib "enjoys" paying taxes is nothing unusual. A common theme of the left is that the government has every right to rape and pillage your paycheck as a payment for the benefits of democracy. They are seemingly incapable of understanding that much of what they take, if not most, is wasted and provides no discernable benefit to anyone ,save the government. The left has no understanding of an individual benefitting from the fruits of his own labors, they think that those fruits belong to the government. They do not understand that that position is not democracy, but, tyranny. If payment of taxes is so patriotic, are Kennedy,Pelosi, Feinstein, et al "un American" because they hide so much of their wealth behind tax shelters and trusts ? Where is the derision of those Democrats and libs whom make use of these tax avoidance mechanisms ? To some degree the existance of tax shelters is an indication of overly onerous tax burdens and the use of them by Kennedy et al is an affirmation of an oppressive tax structure.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 17.04.2007 @ 10:33


It's good advice to see a chiropractor as soon as is reasonably possible. The trip won't alleviate all of your pain, but, will significantly reduce the time you spend in pain. One final thing, a question actually, how high did you bounce ? Ouch, hope that you recover quickly.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 5.03.2007 @ 13:28


" moral dilemma "......doesn't one have to have morals in order for there to be a dilemma. One of the certainties of the left is that there are no morals, no ethics, no values.

"The fact that it would mean my own death was something I discounted entirely. "......I find it rather ficticious that this fool could ever sacrifice anything of his own for the benefit of any others.

" Perhaps realizing he had gone over the edge, our Brave Sir Blogger pulls back at the last moment and advocates impeachment rather than assassination: "......because for all of his bravado and bragadocio, in the end, he doesn't have the courage of his convictions. He is a ,in a word, coward. The ultimate definition of a coward in fact. He is a accurate representation of many of those on the left, far to many.

Comment Posted By Edward Lunny On 27.02.2007 @ 17:58

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