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Drongo - Did you notice that the Washington Post article was in the Metro section? Can you say 'buried it'?

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 1.02.2007 @ 12:42


"Karen responds that the President is his own best counsel. “You know what to do,” she tells him."

Was I the only one that laughed out loud at this? Just a couple hours previously the President caved to terrorist demands, setting in motion events that enabled the 'triggerman' to escape from US custody allowing him to set off a bomb that killed 12,000 or so. I hate to be judgmental, Mr. President, as you have the toughest job in the world, but you screwed the pooch (and 12,000 of your citizens) on that one, Mr. President. Beter she should have told him: "whatever your instincts say, do the opposite".

Another laugher: the innocent "spectators" morph into a lynch mob upon discovering the stolen cell phone. Here the insult wasn't to the viewer's intelligence but to American Muslims, who apparently have some sort of murderous gene that gravitates them towards violent group behavior when previously they were just "spectators".

An alternate interpretation is that this was a dig at the right - the "spectators" were provoked by aggresive law enforcement/military tactics - and that 'fighting' terrorism creates more terrorism. I'm sure that's what the producers were driving at, but in real time I thought it was slanderous towards American Muslims. After all, these weren't prisoners guilty of some sort of crime but a slice of the general population of American Muslims. Somehow I don't think they'd depict another cohesive group of Americans similarly. I wonder if there are cases during the internment of Japanese Americans on the West Coast where there was vigilantism against collaborators? I checked Wikipedia and it's not addressed head on but it seems like it was possible.

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 31.01.2007 @ 12:52


Good one, Rick. It's always amazed me why anyone would want to be President. In my lifetime I've always thought that Clinton had more fun in the role than any other President - and that's got nothing to do with Monica, who in the long run caused more pain than anything else. But if you look at the 2000 and 1992 pictures you can see it took quite a toll out of him too.

At the time of the Monica stuff I felt bad for Clinton. I thought he should have resigned for perjury, but when it was clear he wouldn't and that the votes for impeachment weren't there I think the Republicans should have dropped it as my call for resignation is a tight one. I feel there should be a bright line at certain things, like perjury, that should disqualify one to be President. Others don't and I can understand that.

But Clinton never went through what Bush has had to go through. Open revolt within his own branch, all kinds of ridiculous accusations (see Hick above, which would be funny except for the fool actually believes what he wrote). I deplore what's happened to our politics and what will happen once a Democrat becomes President again, and the worm turns. NOTHING is off the table now. Once you've crossed the threshold of Democratic LEADERS mouthing the same idoicy of the likes of Hick there can be no expectation of decorum or fair play. If we weren't so damn rich this country would split - of that I have no doubt.

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 12.01.2007 @ 11:44


"It says a lot about the right that they bl;indly support a moron, wanna-be dictator"...that beat a sitting Vice President atop a strong economy and relative peace (the biggest fumble since the 1978 Miracle at the Meadowlands), and then a Vietnam Vet/Senator while the country was in a war of choice that the populace was souring on.

Bush may be 'dumber' but the Dems are apparently 'dumberer'.

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 28.12.2006 @ 12:10

"Respect went out the door when Cheney told Sen. Leahy to go f**k himself"

If Sen. Leahy wanted respect from Cheney he shouldn't have accused him of trading American lives in order to enrich himself. Where I grew up it was common knowledge that respect is forfeited when you act in a disrespectful matter to others. Leahy acted disrespectfully and, therefore, 'earned' the nastiness. He's lucky Cheney didn't punch him in the face. Certainly most of the folks reading this would do it to me if I said the same about them.

Dems complain about Republicans questioning their patriotism when they do something like call a 'cut and run' strategy 'cut and run'. Dems question the MORALITY of Repubs with their morning coffee.

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 28.12.2006 @ 12:01

It's a working Congress. It just happens to be that the first piece of work is a tourist, aka fact finding, junket to South America. I'm sure they'd reschedule if they could but they're probably afraid of global warming induced degradation of the historical sites. Heat can melt stones!

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 28.12.2006 @ 11:45


#17 - My apologies, Rick. My intention was sarcasm and I obviously failed to put in enough clues and/or it was simply bad. I don't remember what the comment was but no matter - I'll cop to being a pig but I'm not anti-semetic, as best I can tell.

Comment Posted By Fahagie On 16.11.2006 @ 10:52

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