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The New Left does not want the government to own all means of production. They are not complete socialists. They understand economics at least to that level. However, many of those dinks are be Keynsesians. Even many Republicans claim to be a Keynes disciples (Richard Nixon), this is a strange belief. A view that the government should have interventionist policies in the economy is flawed. The government should interfere for regulatory purposed, however with the Democrats in complete power expect to see a lot of government interference in industry. If I was you guys, I would keep an eye on what they plan to do with the Detroit auto industry. It could get ugly.

Comment Posted By Faustus1500 On 28.10.2008 @ 13:03

Michael Reynolds,

I agree with you completely. All of his machinations are due to his ambitious nature. How does someone who was raised secular suddenly join what is essentially an evangelical Christian church? He is a politician. His involvement with the more radical leftists shows his forsight. The Democrats were making a shift from central left to almost full left. Despite, the fact I dislike his policies I have to admire his ability to work the political machine.

Comment Posted By Faustus1500 On 27.10.2008 @ 14:04

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